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11 Things That Might Indicate a Ghost in Your House

How many do you relate to?

Having a ghost in your house—or worse—can cause a lot of issues in your life if your not careful or don't address the ghost right away. If you feel that there is a spirit trapped in your house, please seek the help of someone who has experience with the paranormal.

1. You feel something, but you don't see anything.

You ever get paranoid that there's someone in your house watching you, but when you check there's no one there? It could be because there is someone watching you—you just can't see them.

2. You do see things.

Maybe you do see things. It might be a shadow in your peripheral, or even a full out spirit right in front of you.

3. You hear strange noises.

The noise could be anything: A door shutting, running water, soft music, voices, creaking of the floorboards, thudding on the ceiling, giggling, the list goes on and on. But who is making the sounds? You live alone with pets, but your pets are all in the room with you. So why does it sound like someone is upstairs or in the kitchen? It could be pipes, or the wind. Maybe even a mouse. Everyone always comes to a physical explanation at first... And sometimes that's exactly what it is. But other times, it could be the result of something paranormal.

4. You feel an unexplained draft.

It could be from a crack in the window, the wind blowing through your house, or it could be the feeling of a spirit right next to you. Depending on the intentions of the entity, there might not be a draft.

5. Your pets are staring at something and you don't know why.

Have you ever caught your cat or dog staring off at something and you don't understand why? You might even say their name to get their attention because it's just so weird, but it takes a while because they are so focused... Have you ever caught more than one of your pets staring at the same spot? Animals are more in tune with the happenings of the paranormal, so if they're focusing on the stairs or the corner, they may have good reason.

6. Your pets get extra clingy to you.

When you come home from work and your pets come over to you, rub on you, jump on you—that's normal. Three or four hours later if they still haven't left your lap, that might seem a little strange. There might be a reason behind it though. Either they really missed you, or they're protecting you from something. 

7. Your things disappear.

Have you ever set something down, walked away, and when you return it's not there? But I just had it! It was right there! Seems fairly normal, especially for forgetful people. It might make you feel dumb or crazy, because you know where you put it, right?

8. Then your things reappear in strange ways/places.

You find it in a place that you never would have put it. For me, I had these four little green rubber pieces that went on the ends of a thawing tray. They had been sitting in the dish strainer, and then they just vanished! All four of them. But I swear they were in the dish strainer. One of them turned up on the floor. Okay, so maybe it fell? Still couldn't find the other three. I put the one in a drawer. I was taking a shower and when I got out, there was one laying in the middle of the bathroom floor. How did it get there? Now I had two that had appeared from seemingly nowhere. I added that one to the other in the drawer. I moved the scale in my bathroom and a third one was underneath. The strangest one yet to turn up. Added it to the collection in the drawer. Still can't find the last one to this day.

9. You have very strange or vivid dreams/nightmares.

When you wake up feeling like the dream you've just had was real, it might be because the entity is trying to communicate with you. Write your dreams down to the best of your ability. Find patterns.

10. You wake up feeling drained or wake up with weird aches/bruises.

This could be a medical problem, or something could be absorbing the life right out of you when you're vulnerable. If it gets to this point, seek help immediately.

11. You feel bonkers.

Finally, the insanity of what's happening is eating at you so much that you convince yourself that you're insane. You feel stupid for telling your friends and family about the weirdness that's been occurring because it couldn't possibly be real—right? Wrong. The ones that would think you're crazy are either people who haven't experienced it before, or they've gone so far down the denial hole that there is no turning back. You could try talking to the entity—please don't use Ouija boards! Just speak to it. You might feel crazy, but sometimes this is all it takes for the weird things to stop happening. If it doesn't, burn sage in every room of your house. If it still doesn't, seek help and get out of the house.

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11 Things That Might Indicate a Ghost in Your House
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