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'13 Cameras' vs. '14 Cameras'

Battle of the Creepiness

When I initially heard about 13 Cameras, I was intrigued like no other. Yes, I had a slight fear of hidden surveillance, and I like many others got too carried away with research one day and realized it happens more often than not. Therefore, a few years ago when I heard about 13 Cameras, I gave the film a try not knowing what to expect. In all honesty at first, I was not happy with the film. However, as I watched it a second and even a third time, it began to grow on me. I commend Victor Zarcoff on his writing and directing of the film. To say it gave me the absolute creeps is quite the understatement.

'13 Cameras'

13 Cameras is about a married couple who moves into a new rented home. Their landlord Gerald played by Neville Archambault is the creepiest man I’ve seen on screen in a while. I’m not the only horror fan who can admit that he makes their skin crawl. Along with Archambault’s believable acting, the camera angles and setups help create the mood and tone of the film as well. There are a lot of floating shots that give the feeling that we are watching the couple through a stalker or creeper’s eyes. The shakiness of these certain camera angles and shots solidify the unnerving tone and mood of the film. I can recall when I first watched this film, it had me questioning my own home and life. I took a second to pause the film and take a look at my surroundings quickly.

13 Cameras was also not your typical horror film due to all the drama included in the storyline and plot of the film. There is a love triangle that involves the married couple and gets heated pretty soon in the movie. The plotline while interesting, still does not take away from the grossness and creepiness of this movie. Another thing I found myself questioning while watching the movie was the creepy landlord’s intentions. Sometimes it seemed as if he was trying to help the situation in a positive way. Sometimes it seemed as if he was trying to murder any and everyone. He was slightly hot and cold when it came to his actions in relation to his motives. All in all, 13 Cameras was a slow-burning dramatic horror film that was entertaining.

'14 Cameras'

Now when I heard that there was a 14 Cameras, I was slightly confused. What else could be shared about the gross landlord? What else could be done in that rental home? Yes, the way the first one ended was unexpected, however, there was not enough there to make an entire sequel. That was my initial opinion at first. It’s safe to say I was wrong. 14 Cameras takes the hidden camera theme to a whole different level. I honestly thought they couldn’t amp the antics anymore, but they definitely did.

14 Cameras written by Zarcoff but directed by Seth Fuller and Scott Hussion is about several couples and families that use a website to rent out homes for vacation. The concept is identical to AirBnB. This time the landlord is in charge of these rental homes. The same situations and tactics occur until Gerald the landlord decides to live stream the hidden cameras in the vacation homes. Once he streams the hidden cameras to the darknet he opens another door to mayhem. The landlord not only receives offers from people online to have the young girls in the family. He has people stalking and finding out where the girls are located to find and get them their selves. This film establishes that not only is Gerald creepy and sick, but that he’s not the only one. There are even worse people out there, and now several creepy people watching the families on hidden cameras.

While the story escalates there are a few reveals that I was expecting, but still happy with. The initial wife from the first film is revealed as one of his forever victims. She is not only in shock but completely out of it and terrified. Her story is revisited while more information is revealed as well. The ending is what really had me thinking that they may actually be making a third film. In this film the landlord is “killed off”, yet later revealed as alive. They gave him a sort of boogeyman effect in the end. He wasn’t dead like they thought he was, he was on the loose, and he’s still dangerous. I wouldn’t be shocked if there is another film. However, I will be just as confused as when 14 Cameras was released. Check out 13 and 14 Cameras

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'13 Cameras' vs. '14 Cameras'
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