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15 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told

Creepy Reads

No SCP’s will be mentioned in this one, as I did one about them in my previous article, sorry SCP-173. What are creepypastas? Creepypastas are urban legends or scary stories found all over the internet. They’re talked about through social media, message boards, and discussed both on and offline. Some of them really keep you up at night and make you wonder, "What if it really happened?" For those of you reading this at night, you may want to rethink your choice. So here are the 15 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told: 

15: 1999

This creepypasta is about a boy named Elliot who watched a TV show in 1999. His father bought an old boob tube TV, which only had 20 channels; but one day, he pressed on Channel 21 on the remote and it showed up. It appeared to be a children’s program called Caledon Local 21, which was broadcasted in Caledon, Ontario. One of the shows that aired on this channel was Mr. Bear’s Cellar and was about a mentally unstable man who called himself “Mr. Bear.” One episode was of him playing checkers by himself and hears a knock at the door. He goes to answer and sees a boy about Elliot’s age and a girl too. He danced with delight and the episode ends with them playing hide and seek—the kids went to hide while Mr. Bear counted. Muffled child screams could be heard in the background and crunching sounds tell the audience that he struck bone. Soon enough, the program was cancelled.

14: The Story Of Lisa

This is about diary entries from a girl who has a friend named Lisa but her parents can’t see Lisa, so they assume she’s an imaginary friend. People who have treated this girl poorly (mainly grownups) mysteriously disappear because they refuse to believe that Lisa is real. One of the first of these people to disappear was her dad, who was mad at her daughter and said mean things about Lisa like her being stupid and not real. The next day, he was gone, and Lisa told her that he was sleeping under the sandbox. Another person that disappeared was her teacher, Mrs. Monroe. The girl brought Lisa to school for show and tell, but Mrs. Monroe was mad because she couldn’t see Lisa. The next day, she never showed up and Lisa told her that Mrs. Monroe was sleeping under the sandbox just like her dad.

13: The Keyhole

Story goes that a man checks into a hotel and when the innkeeper gives him a room key, she says that on his way to his room, he will see a door with no number. Under any circumstances, he was told not to investigate that room. The first night, he went straight to his room and went to bed. The next night, curiosity got the best of him and he decided to check out the unmarked room. He tried opening it, but it was locked, so he peeked through the keyhole and saw a woman. She was pale and faced away from the door. He wanted to knock on the door but hesitated and went back to his room. He peeked through the keyhole again but this time, all he saw was the color red. He decided to talk to the innkeeper and she asked if he looked through the keyhole. He said yes, and her husband comes in and tells him the story about the unmarked room. He said that many years ago, a man killed his wife and her spirit haunts that room. She’s pale all over except for her eyes, which are red.

12: Annora Petrova

Annora Petrova was a figure skater from Portland, Oregon. She won her first championship at the age of 13 and was recognized by Sergei Polukeev, who was a famous figure skating trainer. He was training her for the Olympics. But this is when her life would take an awful and horrifying turn. The night before a competition, she decided to look up her name on the internet for some laughs, but she actually found a Wikipedia page dedicated to her life and skating career, and it claimed she would win tomorrow’s competition. The next day, she won the competition as it said. It kept updating itself and predicting her success. So she thought she could update the page herself to increase her chances of winning Sectionals, but that’s when it would get really bad. She was blocked from editing the page, and an entry was entered on the page saying, “Annora Petrova is a selfish little bitch who is going to get what she deserves.” It continued updating itself, predicting more unfortunate events including a scandal where she was accused of tampering with a competitor’s skates. This led to her being disqualified and ending her career. It updated again saying, “Annora Petrova is a pathetic orphan whose real parents died in a horrible accident.” Her parents were found dead a few days later. The last update pronounced Annora Petrova dead. It is unknown who was behind those updates, and goes to show you that you shouldn’t look yourself up on the internet.

11: Anasi’s Goatman Story

A group of 11 teenagers go out camping in the Alabama woods. They’re all having a good time, but that would change because they started to smell something awful like cooking blood and singed hair. But that wouldn’t stop them from having a good time as they tried making the most of it. Later, they gathered around the fire to eat, but 12 servings were provided which was one more than the people they came with. They soon realize that they weren’t alone in those woods. Those woods were inhabited by goatmen, shapeshifting beasts from Native American legends. They never knew who was really their friend or if someone wasn’t who they seemed.

10: Gateway of the Mind

Back in the early 80s, scientists conducted research on making contact with God. They believed that a person that was cut off from all senses or stimuli would be able to make contact with God. Their test subject was an old man who claimed he had no purpose and was willing to go through with the experiment. They performed surgery on him, cutting off all sensory nerves so he couldn’t see, smell, hear, taste, or feel anything. He was alone with his thoughts. After four days, he claimed he heard voices, but the scientists thought of it as some sort of psychosis. Two days later, he was talking with his dead wife and crying out to her. They weren’t convinced until he started mentioning the names of dead relatives that the scientists knew, saying things only their dead relatives and parents would know. A majority of the scientists left. After a week, he started saying that the voices were overwhelming. He requested to be sedated, which worked for a little bit but he started having horrible nightmares. A day later, he started clawing at where his eyes used to be so he could feel something in the real world. He spoke about hell and the end of the world. For five hours straight he screamed, “No heaven, no forgiveness.” He started mutilating himself and the scientists rushed in to restrain him. After two weeks, despite being blind, he made eye contact with one of the scientists and said, “I have spoken with God, and he has abandoned us,” and flatlined. The cause of death is unknown.

9: Abandoned By Disney

Disney decided to make an island resort in Florida called Treasure Island. This 30 million dollar project became a failure and was abandoned by Disney. One person decided to venture into this ghost town to explore. He discovered the mascots only area and entered. He found a bunch of costumes including a Mickey Mouse costume, but there was something strange about this one. This costume was worn by a murder victim. He tried taking a picture, when the costume sprung to life. The costume asked, “Wanna see my head come off?” Without hesitation, he started tearing at his own head, and chunky yellow blood started gushing out. He ran out and written above the door was, “Abandoned by God.”

8: The Rake

During 2003, people mainly in New York and once in Idaho have reported seeing a strange creature they call the Rake. Those who have encountered it experience extreme fright and discomfort while also experiencing child-like wonder and curiosity. Little information is known about the Rake as most online and written documents have been destroyed, but that does not change the fact that people saw this creature. Even search parties were formed to hunt this thing. In 2006, two dozen documents of the Rake dating back to the 12th century resurfaced, spanning over four continents. In 1961, a man committed suicide and mentioned in his suicide note that the Rake was to blame. In 1691, a mariner claimed he was stalked by the same creature. In 1880, taken from a journal entry translated from Spanish, mentions someone being stalked by the Rake as well. In 2006, a woman described her encounter as follows: sitting at the foot of their bed was what they described being a naked man or a large hairless dog. The creature sprung up and was less than a foot away from her husband’s face and stared at him for 30 seconds before heading toward their kids’ room. They rushed in, but were too late. The creature turned around, covered in blood and staring at her. She flipped the switch and found her daughter horribly mutilated. Her last words she heard from her was, “He is the Rake...” She had her husband rush her to the hospital, but ended up crashing into a lake, killing both her husband and daughter.

7: Suicidemouse.avi

Suicidemouse.avi is about a lost episode of the classic 1930s Mickey Mouse cartoon, and is said to be the kickstarter of lost episode urban legends. It’s rumored that an original excerpt of the Disney short, showing Mickey walking down the street, is said to have mind-altering abilities that can be hazardous to anyone who views it. It starts with Mickey walking down a street, but starts to get weird when the background music gets distorted. Screams and distorted voices could also be heard and it fades to black. A full version of the cartoon was released and causes extreme panic, disorientation, and memory loss to anyone who watches it. I’ve seen scary things, and believe me when I tell you this is without a doubt one of the scariest things I’ve seen. In this full version, it starts out like the original and Mickey’s walking down a street, but there is no sound. You start to hear what is described as a gurgled cry and the background starts to change, showing broken windows and boarded up buildings. Mickey’s face starts changing into this hideous grin and starts running as the scream intensifies. The cartoon ends with Mickey committing suicide by injecting something toxic into himself. This version scared me so bad, but if you’re feeling brave then I’ll put a link for the original and full version of suicidemouse.avi at the bottom.

6: Smile Dog

A writer meets up with a Chicago woman who has a story that he may want to right about. But unbeknownst to the writer, this woman was suffering from nightmares and visions after viewing a cursed image called smile.jpg. The image depicts a husky with a disturbing human-like smile. This smiling dog appeared to her through dreams and visions, telling her to share the image with other people or else she would die. She thought about sharing the image with the writer, but changed her mind. She committed suicide in hopes to end her cycle of torture. A year later, the writer was sent an email with an attachment that said, “smile.jpg image.” With his curiosity getting the better of him, he made the mistake of opening the image and viewing it. To save his life, he uploaded an article with this image for anyone foolish enough to view it.

5: No End House

A friend promises David Williams $500 if he could make it through a haunted house called, “No End House.” He was up for the challenge, but would soon regret his decision. He had to face unspeakable horrors. He was attacked by biting insects, he interacted with spirits, and had to witness the murder of his own parents. He would eventually make it to the next to final room, Room 8. As he entered the room, he found a clone of himself seated in a chair with a knife nearby and on the clone’s chest was the number 9. He had to kill himself in order to escape. He did win the bet and got $500, but as he got home, the number 10 was etched into his door. All he could do was laugh, as there really is no end to No End House.

4: Candle Cove

In the early 1970s, a show aired called Candle Cove, which featured characters portrayed as creepy marionette puppets like, Pirate Percy, Horace the Horrible, and The Skintaker. User Skyshale033 started an online group chat with people who remembered watching Candle Cove when they were kids as he was plagued by nightmares up into his adulthood. They remembered the characters like Horace the Horrible and The Skintaker. They also remembered the final episode where all of the sudden, the characters started screaming, leaving the people who viewed it scarred for life and living with the constant nightmares. A member of the group chat, Mike_painter65, talked to his mother about why he was ever allowed to watch this. His mother was surprised by the fact he remembered the show and told him that as a kid, he would sit in front of the TV watching dead air for 30 minutes each day and told her he was watching his favorite pirate show. The first season of Channel Zero circles around Candle Cove, talking about people who, as kids, watched Candle Cove just like in this creepypasta. For those of you who haven’t seen Channel Zero, it’s a great show and is like a hybrid of American Horror Story with creepypastas. To get caught up, Season One is about Candle Cove, Season Two is about No End House, Season Three is about The Butcher’s Block, and Season Four is about Dream Door. It’s a great show and I highly recommend it.

3: The Russian Sleep Experiment

Shortly after World War 2, Russian researchers were working on an experimental gas that could keep soldiers awake for 15 days. They tested this gas on five prisoners, and in exchange, they would be given their freedom if the experiment was successful. Isolated from the outside world, it wasn’t long before the test subjects were driven mad. When 15 days passed, they were found in states of partial mutilation, tearing at their own flesh and disemboweling themselves. Stuffing chunks of flesh into the drain. One of the subjects was used as a food source, and another screamed so loud that he tore out his own vocal cords. They ripped out pages from books and plastered them all over the windows with their own feces. They performed surgery on the survivors, the one who tore out his vocal cords shook his head violently and requested to not be sedated. After the surgery, he tried to talk, so the doctor gave him a pen and a pad to write on. He wrote, “Keep cutting.” The other two survivors also requested to not be sedated and were laughing hysterically. One of them said, “I must remain awake.” A commanding officer told the researchers to put the survivors back on the gas to see what would happen, but the researchers strongly disagreed. One of the subjects died from falling asleep. The commanding officer said to put the remaining two back in the chamber along with three researchers. One of the researchers pulled out his gun and proceeded to shoot the commanding officer along with the two subjects, putting an end to the experiment. One of the subjects final words were, “So... nearly... free...”

2: The Expressionless

In the early 1970s, a woman was brought into Cedar Senai hospital wearing a bloody nightgown. She wasn’t like most patients as she had a mannequin-like face and inspired fear into anyone who came face to face with her. She had a dead kitten clamped in her mouth, and spit it out before collapsing. She remained motionless as they rushed her down to the emergency. As the doctors arrived, she smiled, showing jagged teeth and a doctor asked, “What are you?” She broke free and quickly ripped out his jugular, whispering in his ear, “I am god.” She feasted on the security guards before escaping the hospital and has never been seen since.

1: Slender Man

Probably one of the most infamous creepypastas out there is Slender Man. Slender Man is a very tall figure with a featureless face. He wears a business suit and has tentacles that protrude from his back. Sightings of the Slender Man date back as early as Roman times. It mainly preys on children, appearing to them as an imaginary friend, but once he leads them into a false sense of security, he will usually impale them on tree branches. If you have the misfortune of seeing him, then it’s already too late. Slender Man causes paranoia, insomnia, and memory loss. He’s also known to distort pictures and videos.

Well I hope you guys liked this and hope I didn’t give you too bad of nightmares. I have some new stories coming soon, so be on the lookout for those. You can find me on Instagram at @_.torturedpunk._ 

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time. Oh, if you’re reading this at night, sweet dreams. 💀 

Suicidemouse.avi: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=SQFZRmh7Rd4


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