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15 Strange Creatures that May Be Out There

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I'm making some changes as of right now with my username, obviously, and also this story will be a part of a series, as will some of my previous stories. There will be some updated/altered versions of some of my previous stories like this one, so let’s get into it. We share our world with pretty strange creatures, but none are as stranger as cryptids, animals that have yet to be proven by science. All over the world people have reported seeing animals that are the likes of which none have ever seen, and who’s to say they’re not real? If so many people have seen them then they must exist, right? Well believer or skeptic, I’m Cryptic Hatter and here are 15 Strange Creatures That May Be Out There: 

15: The Squonk

Squonks were first sighted some time during the late 19th century in the Hemlock forest of Pennsylvania. One of the earliest sightings appeared in a book by William T. Cox called Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods, With a Few Desert and Mountain Beasts. According to witness reports, the creature is described having wrinkly skin covered in warts and it’s so insecure about its appearance that it hides most of the time weeping. When cornered, the creature will dissolve into a pool of liquid; this happened when J.T. Wentling captured the creature in a bag, but when he got home, it felt lighter. He looked into the bag and all that was left were the liquified remains of the creature.

14: Loveland Frogmen

First sighted in 1955 in Clermont, Ohio, Loveland Frogmen (or Loveland Lizards) are a group of bipedal creatures that stand 1 meter tall and have frog-like features such as leathery skin, webbed hands and feet. Over the span of 61 years there have been five sightings, one in 1955, two in 1972, one in 2001 and one in 2016, but the last sighting is considered a hoax because of where the sighting took place.

13: The Beast Of Bladenboro

In Bladenboro, North Carolina in December of 1954, several livestock and pets were killed over the span of ten days. It started on December 29 when a farmer reported seeing a large cat-like animal attack one of his dogs and drag the body away. In 1955, two dogs were found completely drained of their blood. Two more dogs were attacked the following day. January 6, 1954, a woman named Mrs. C.E. Kinlaw saw the vampire cat coming towards her; she ran inside and her husband came out with a shotgun, but all that was left were huge paw prints. Another farmer reported the same creature attacking some of his livestock, and people have reported hearing cat-like sounds. Locals describe the creature being something like a cross between a bear and a panther: three to four feet long, 20 inches high and weighing 150 pounds, having bushy fur and runty ears as well. The creature was believed to be dead after a hunter shot a big bobcat and things did start to settle down. In 2007, sightings resurfaced after a farmer reported that 60 of his goats were found dead, drained of blood and skulls crushed. Another farmer in Greensboro lost his goats the same way. It was also reported in Bolivia after several pet owners’ dogs were killed.

12: Slide Rock Bolter

This creature was first seen by lumberjacks in the 19th and early 20th century. It’s said to live up in the Colorado mountains, but only where the slope has a 45 degree angle. It’s described to have a large head, small eyes, a mouth that runs from ear to ear and a tail like that of a dolphin or whale. When it sees an unsuspecting victim/victims, whether it’d be an animal or a group of tourists, it will lift its tail, letting go of its hold on the mountain, and come sliding down, scooping up any unfortunate victims into its mouth. It will then slide down to the next slope and slap its tail over the ridge waiting for its next meal.

11: Wood Devils

Since the 1930s, people of Coos County, New Hampshire have reported seeing Sasquatch-like creatures that are 7-9 feet tall and have shaggy tan gray hair. They call them Wood Devils. Unlike most types of Sasquatch, these guys are skinny, and when someone comes, they hide behind the trees until the coast is clear. If there is no cover these creatures can hide in, then they will stand perfectly still. People of Coos County also hear screams from the Wood Devils.

10: Honey Island Swamp Monster

Since its first sighting in 1963, the Honey Island Swamp Monster is probably one of the most well known and most elusive cryptids on this list. Those who have seen it describe it being 7.5 feet tall, weighing somewhere between 400-500 pounds, covered in matted gray or brown hair and swamp weed. It has reptilian eyes and gives off a foul smell like something dead. Reports also says it has scales and webbed feet. It’s also blamed for the killing of livestock and for children that go missing. Now the exact origin of this creature vary on what you believe; native cajuns say it’s a boy raised by alligators, the unholy hybrid of a chimpanzee and an alligator, or something else. Well whatever you believe, the Honey Island Swamp is one of the densest ecosystems in the world and is full of things no one has seen anywhere else.

9: Wendigo

The Algonquin Indians tell stories of an evil spirit that has a taste for human flesh and it can be anyone. A wendigo (Cree for “evil that devours”) starts out as a person, usually a hunter or a miner, that’s with a group of people. A harsh winter comes, they’re running low on food and one member of the group resorts to cannibalism in order to stay alive. In cultures all over the world, eating flesh can give people certain abilities like speed, strength and immortality. But as this person consumes more and more flesh, he/she becomes this less than human thing. Wendigos are described to have ash grey skin that is so tight that you can see its bones. It’s very tall, has sharp claws and is known to have a deer skull as either some kind of mask or is actually a part of its face. It has the abilities to control the weather, command forest animals to do its bidding, is a skillful hunter and possess people. Its hunger is so insatiable that it will actually eat pieces of its own flesh, which only makes it hungrier. One of the earliest cases of wendigo possession was during a harsh winter in 1879, when a Cree Indian named Swift Runner came into town claiming that his family died of starvation. But the people suspected foul play because Swift Runner was healthy as a horse; he didn’t look like he starved or was malnourished. So some of the people went to investigate and found his family dead, their skulls were bashed in and others were strangled to death. Their bodies were eaten, bones picked clean and even the marrow was eaten too. Swift Runner resorted to cannibalism in order to stay alive, and he even claimed that he was possessed by the wendigo. When he was ready to be hanged at the gallows he said, “I am no longer a man.”

8: Dark Watchers

Similar to Shadow People, Dark Watchers are dark human-like creatures that are seen on hills and ridges of the Saint Lucia Mountains in California. They are normally docile in nature and are said to watch people who venture in the mountains. They’re said to be spirits, but their origin is unknown. Sightings of these creatures date back to the Chumash Indians.

7: Pope Lick Monster

Also known as the Goat Man, the Pope Lick Monster has the upper half of a man and the lower half of a goat with horns coming out of his forehead. It’s said to haunt the Norfolk Southern Railway, which runs over Pope Lick Creek, and is also said to carry an axe. Legends say that he uses some kind of hypnosis to lure people onto the tracks to either be killed by an oncoming train or get chopped up into pieces by his axe. Origins of the monster range from an escaped circus freak to a scientist turned into a monster by cruel fate.

6: Hopkinsville Goblins

Seven people at a farmhouse were terrorized by little creatures which they described as gremlins but would later be called Hopkinsville Goblins. They described the creatures being three feet tall with thin limbs and hands with long claws or talons. The way that they moved defied gravity, with them floating off the ground and being in high places. Some of the people at the farmhouse grabbed rifles and tried shooting at the goblins, but they had no effect. This was the only recorded sighting of these creatures, but Native American legends of Kentucky talk about small creatures similar to the Hopkinsville Goblins, and there are no known photos of these creatures.

5: Momo

Short for Missouri Monster, Momo was first seen by Joan Mills and Mary Ryan in July of 1971 near Louisiana, Missouri. Momo is described to be seven feet tall, eats dogs, lets out a terrible odor and is so hairy that very few have seen its face. It was seen again on July 11, 1972 by Terry, Wally, and Dorris Harrison and lasted for two weeks. Tracks were found, but some claim it to be a hoax.

4: Northfield Pigman

According to legend, on October 30, 1951, Sam Harris went out carrying some eggs for Picket Night (night of mischief or Devil’s Night). The following morning he didn’t come back home and was reported missing. Search parties went out looking for him for weeks, but nothing came up. Some say he became possessed by the devil that night. He was known to slaughter pigs, cut them open and eat their entrails. He’d hollow out a pig’s head and wear it. He’s said to still haunt the hills around the Devil’s Washbowl and, through bestiality, spawn unholy pig man offspring.

3: Dover Demon

In Dover, Massachusetts, over the span of two days in 1977, three people reported seeing a humanoid creature known as the Dover Demon. The three witnesses described it as being similar to a grey alien except for the fact that its skin has a rosy-orange tinge instead of a sickly grey. It’s said to a have a watermelon shaped head on a stick like body. It mainly moves on all fours, but it’s to be bipedal from time to time. It also has eyes that either shine orange or green.

2: Rougarou (Cajun Werewolf)

Also known as the Cajun werewolf, the Rougarou is said to roam the swamps of Louisiana, and unlike the traditional werewolf, the Rougarou can transform at will, which is one of its most dangerous traits. The creature is used as a boogeyman by parents to get their children to behave.

1: Van Meter Visitor

In October of 1903, residents of Van Meter, Iowa were terrorized by a winged creature. Townsfolk described the creature to be a manlike bat that emitted a foul stench and fired beams of light from its forehead. A few of the locals tried shooting at it, but nothing happened. Fed up with the creature terrorizing them, a few of the townspeople banded together and cornered the creature at an abandoned coal mine. They discovered there was another one, and both of the creatures disappeared into the mine, and the men opened fire, never to be seen again.

Thank you guys for reading, hope you enjoyed. Be sure to check out my other stories and share them. I’ll be writing more soon, so I’ll see you next time. 

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15 Strange Creatures that May Be Out There
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