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15 Urban Legends that Are Actually True

Creepy Reads

Here’s a little something that’ll keep you up at night. A few or more of us have heard about an urban legend, a story that is passed around from person to person and is passed off as a true story. But urban legends are just legends, right? Well, believe it or not, there are several urban legends that have in fact been proven to be true, and I’ll be sharing some of them with you. Here are 15 urban legends that are actually true: 

15: The Quietly Dead Guy

A guy’s on a bus and appears to be passed out. The other passengers assumed he was asleep, so they leave him alone as the driver makes his rounds. At the end of his shift, the driver checks on him only to find out he was dead the entire time. The real version is a lot worse. In 2011, Robert Young and Mark Rubinsen went to see their friend Jeffrey Jerrett, who was passed out. They took him out to go partying for the night, but he was dead the entire time. They thought he was passed out drunk, but that doesn’t explain why they used his cash and credit cards. 

14: Don't Drink the Water

A person moves into a new home but soon finds out that something strange is going on with the plumbing. A dark substance was coming out of the taps and shower. He/she (based on variations of the story) soon finds out that the dark substance is actually the liquified remains of a dead body. In 2013, the Cecil Hotel had some plumbing issues and discovered a dead body in one of their water tanks. The body found was that of a Canadian student, but no one knows how he got in there. 

13: Buried Alive

It’s always sad when a loved one passes away, but what if they didn’t? The legend goes that they exhume someone they thought was dead only to find scratch marks inside among other signs of attempted escape. Premature burials were actually pretty common back in the 19th century, and several of these individuals were even embalmed or given an autopsy while they were still alive. To prevent this from happening again, they invented safety coffins which have a bell on the surface, which is probably where the phrase “saved by the bell” comes from.

12: Kidney Thieves

A guy wakes up in a bathtub full of ice to find that one of his kidneys have been stolen and a cellphone so he can call 911. Yep, it happened. An Indian construction worker was drugged and kidnapped only to find himself on a steel table with his kidneys gone. This is actually pretty common, as human organs sell pretty high on the black market. So watch yourself, because this could happen to you. 

11: The Body in the Wall

While renovating a building, a construction worker breaks down a wall discovering nothing but a bare bone skeleton staring back at him. While renovating the second floor of the Abeville National bank, construction workers found a sealed up chimney which had the remains of Joseph Schenider. He was trapped in that chimney for 27 years. 

10: The Leaping Lawyer

A lawyer likes to joke around with his coworkers who enter his office by demonstrating how strong his windows are. Every time he’d run into his windows, but time after time, his windows got weaker and weaker. One day, he went smashing through his window and went splat. On July 9, 1993, Garry Hoy did this same trick to impress some law students only to break through the glass and fall to his death. His partner said he was “the best and brightest” at the firm. 

9: Brain Bugs

A person notices a pain in their ear and the pain gets worse and worse. The person finds out that bugs have nested deep inside their skull. After a woman came home from vacationing in Peru, she started hearing scratching noises inside her head. She went to a doctor and the doctor discovered that a family of flesh eating maggots were nesting deep inside her ear canal. Fortunately, they were able to surgically remove the maggots before it could get any worse. 

8: Cropsey

Staten Island, New York was home to a boogeyman known only as Cropsey. Cropsey was said to be a homicidal maniac with a hook for a hand who escaped from a mental hospital. He kidnapped children and took them to the abandoned Seaview Hospital. This story was used by parents in order to keep them from misbehaving and told by older siblings to scare the crap out of their younger siblings. This story was actually the inspiration for the famous 80s slasher The Burning, which featured a horribly disfigured man who stalked unsuspecting campers. Andre Rand was a janitor at Willowbrook State School in Staten Island and was responsible for the kidnappings of several children with mental disabilities and traumas including sexual assault and abuse.

7: The Toxic Lady

The toxic lady is a popular concept for TV episodes on shows like The X-Files and Grey’s Anatomy. So a woman is admitted into an emergency room but the doctors don’t know what’s wrong with her. Her skin was oily, she was giving off a garlic smell, her blood smelled of ammonia and there were strange particles in her blood. Several doctors become sick after coming into contact with her. In 1994, Gloria Ramirez was rushed into the emergency room and the doctors noted symptoms like oily skin, blood smelling like ammonia and having unknown particles in her blood. Several members of the staff either fainted or became ill. Sadly, Ramirez died. 

6: Charlie No Face

They say that a man that has no face and glows green wanders the roads of Pennsylvania at night. In 1919, a boy named Raymond Robinson climbed up an electrical pole to look inside a bird’s nest. Unfortunately, he gets electrocuted so bad that it burned his face and part of his arm off and his skin glowed green. Lucky for him, his hearing and ability to speak was still intact. He wandered the roads at night so he wouldn’t startle people with his appearance, which is where the legend began. 

5: Murder in the Library

So someone gets murdered in the library, but the murderer is so swift and silent that no one notices. No one knew the victim was dead because they thought she was reading. In 1969, Betsy Aardsma was stabbed in the heart while she was at the Penn State Library, and no one knew she was dead because there was little blood and she was wearing a red dress. Her murder remains unsolved to this day. 

4: Elevator Decapitation

A person takes an elevator and gets stuck in between floors. The person pries the door open and tries to get through. The elevator comes back on and chop, head’s gone. In 2003, a man in Texas tried going into a hospital elevator and the doors malfunctioned, closing early and chopping off his head. 

3: The Alice Killings

Supposedly, there were a series of killings in Japan from 1999 to 2005. The victims were unrelated to each other and the killer’s methods were random, but all having one strange similarity. At each crime scene, the killer left a playing card and the name Alice written in the victim’s blood. The only thing that the real killer had in common with the Alice killer is that he used playing cards; he operated in Spain and was caught in 2003. 

2: Halloween Hanging

People are impressed by realistic Halloween decorations and props, but what if those decorations are actually real? Motorists in Delaware mistake a dead body for a prop. When police went to investigate, they discovered that an unidentified woman had committed suicide. 

1: The Bunnyman

In 1904, a mental asylum closed down, so the inmates were transferred and one of the buses carrying the inmates crashed. Most of them either died in the crash or were recaptured, except for one. A man dressed in a bunny costume roamed the land and hunted rabbits. He’d leave the partially eaten bodies hanging for the locals to find. In 1970, a couple was driving down a road only to have an axe thrown through their windshield by a man in a bunny suit. A couple weeks after the incident, another man saw a man in a bunny suit chopping wood but ran off before the police arrived.

Thanks guys for reading. If you liked it, be sure to check out my other stories and share them with your friends. I’ll see you next time with a new story, good luck trying to sleep tonight. 

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15 Urban Legends that Are Actually True
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