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5 Things We Demand to See in Season 2 of 'Ash vs Evil Dead'

Season 1 was an enjoyable romp in the woods, but it felt a bit like a testing ground and some fans, like myself, felt a bit of a void. So what about season 2?

We got a lot of road to cover....

So the small screen got a massive shock when Ash vs The Evil Dead premiered on October 31, 2015. It'd been over 20 years (!) since Army of Darkness, the third movie from the infamous Evil Dead trilogy, was in theaters and many fans had given up on any chance of seeing lovable idiot Ash a.k.a. Bruce Campbell back in his career-defining role.

Personally, I was ecstatic when I first heard Sam Raimi was bringing it back with original producer Rob Tapert, although I did wonder: why TV? But hey, better then nothing, I figured.

Seriously, see me GEEK-OUT in my trailer reaction below.....

Season 1 was an enjoyable romp in the woods, but it felt a bit like a testing ground and some fans, like myself, felt a bit of a void. So without further ado, here's my list of 5 things we demand to see in Season 2.

Goes without saying — there are probably SPOILERS ahead folks.

1. Ted Raimi

Did you say the words right this time?....

The brother of director Sam Raimi (just in case you didn't make that connection) has been a staple in all the original Evil Dead movies, most noticeably playing Ash's co-worker at S-Mart in the happy ending to Army of Darkness. He also pops up as multiple characters including Henrietta in Evil Dead 2 (also fake shemping as Scotty's legs in the original Evil Dead) so there's no good reason why he isn't involved in the show.

2. Time Travel

So the finale of Season 1 didn't end with a rift in time and space opening and spinning our heroes Ash, Pablo, and Kelly back to the Middle Ages. I thought this was a no brainer personally, although Bruce has stated they didn't acquire the rights for Army of Darkness so they're possibly holding of for the moment. Although since the show is greenlit for Season 2 and only that (so far) then maybe Raimi's saving it to secure the fans for another Season or three.

3. Crazy Mirrors

Besides that moment when Amanda looked at the cabin's mirror like she'd seen something we haven't really had any stand out moments. I mean, Ash has practically been choked out and even attacked by miniature versions of himself when he broke that mirror in the windmill, but frankly we want to see the evil work its mojo through one of these next season or we'll riot, probably.

4. Super Pablo

use your bottle.....

As it turns out, Pablo's uncle was a shaman and since his uncle left him his amulet (?) there was a VERY strong insinuation that Pablo has some sort of power himself. The fact that the necronomicon wanted the amulet and went psycho on his ass (well, face) was the icing on the cake. Frankly, the writers should have done more with this in the series finale.

5. Embeth Davidtz

what of all the sweet words we shared in private?

Ash's medieval fling with Sheila had a poetic quality, he had to leave her to return to his own time because... he had shelves to stock, hmm. Still it'd make great drama for him to re-unite with his former lover, perhaps she even drank the wise man's potion herself so she could make it to the 21st century, who knows? Crossing my fingers for her sexy — I mean safe — return.

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5 Things We Demand to See in Season 2 of 'Ash vs Evil Dead'
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