9 Everyday Objects That Made Surprisingly Good Horror Weapons

From umbrellas to sleeping bags, these writers know how to be creative.

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Horror writers have this interesting technique where they manage to use things we wouldn't usually think of to murder their characters. Horror films have shown murders by umbrellas, flags, and even sleeping bags. It's bizarre, really, but it works. Here's a list of normal objects that have been turned into a surprising murder weapon in horror films.

1. Microwave ('Gremlins')

Who'd have thought that a microwave would make a great killing weapon? When Frances Lee McCain's character Lynn Peltzer is attacked in her kitchen by a gremlin, she must think fast. And that she does. Thinking only to fry it in her microwave, she manages to trap it inside and close the door. She turns up the heat and it's not long before the gremlin explodes.

The thought of putting something in a microwave and watching it explode is quite exciting, but is (hopefully) something fans will only ever see in a horror movie. It certainly changed the way I saw the kitchen appliance for years to come.

2. Umbrella ('Silent Night, Deadly Night 2')

Ricky Caldwell, played by Eric Freeman, is the character behind this unforgettable scene. Ricky jabs an umbrella through a man's stomach — and then opens it on the other side.

Being impaled by an umbrella is an untimely way to go. What makes it worse is that the umbrella is colourful, representing the lack of respect the killer has for the victim. I think if it had been a black umbrella, it wouldn't have had the same effect. The killer is ruthless and doesn't care how he kills, so long as he is killing.

3. Garage Door ('Scream')

Not realising she is trapped in the garage with the killer, Tatum Riley (played by Rose McGowan) asks the killer to move out of her way. However, by the time she realises he is a killer for real, it's too late. As she attempts to flee by climbing through the cat flap, the killer uses this as an opportunity to open the garage door, which then proceeds to squash her head.

It's a very sad and unfortunate way to die. The fact that she has no idea she's in the room with the murderer makes it even more atmospheric. She didn't deserve to die like that, but it was an iconic death scene that everyone now associates with Scream. It's a scene that you just can't forget.

4. Lawnmower ('Dead Alive')

A party goes horrifically wrong after Vera Cosgrove (Elizabeth Moody) is bitten by a rat monkey that later turns her into a zombie. Her son tries to keep her locked up, but she manages to escape, turning the whole town into the walking dead. Vera's son, Lionel, tries his best to protect himself and the other survivors by using a lawnmower to mow down the zombies. It's a great defence.

There's so much blood in this scene, it's brilliant. Lionel has no mercy, he ploughs into them all, taking them all out. It's probably the best scene of the film and one of the most unusual ways to kill zombies. It's great to see a different kill method used in a film when it's been done the same in so many horror films.

5. Car ('Death Proof')

Cars can be the causes of death all the time, but in this film, it is used as a murder weapon — and not in the way you might think. Instead of just running someone over, why not break hard when they haven't got a seatbelt on so that they plough forward and smash their face in?

This film makes the car a murder weapon and the crunch sound when she hits her face is disgusting. The scene is fast and chilling. The murderer clearly has no remorse as he is in full control of that car, choosing to end a life whenever he sees fit.

6. Blender ('You're Next')

Kitchen appliances make awesome killing weapons. This is the second one on my list. In You're Next, Erin (played by Sharni Vinson) defends herself by smashing a blender over her attacker's head — and that's not the worse part. She then stabs it hard onto the top of his head and turns it on, drilling the blades into his head. It's enough to make you want to look away.

When you're in a kitchen and being attacked, it's probably the best place to be, as there are so many lethal appliances and sharp objects to use. I think a lot of murder weapons come from a kitchen, don't they? The blender is a classic. It's quite a gruesome death, but it's awesome to watch!

7. Elevator ('Final Destination 2')

This scene is quite similar to the garage door in Scream — a woman gets stuck between the doors of the elevator. It then proceeds to move to another floor while she's still trapped between the doors. I'm sure you can imagine what happens next.

This scene is actually disgusting. The best thing about the Final Destination movies is that they're very fake, so it's easier to watch. However, some of the death scenes are still great gross-out moments. This one is particularly disturbing and I bet made many people afraid to use elevators after watching.

8. Pogo Stick ('Leprechaun')

Jennifer Aniston makes her film debut in this horror film about a leprechaun on a murder spree. The pogo stick makes the death scene brutally gory and the sound effects are enough to make you feel queasy.

Imagine jumping on someone with a pogo stick; it's horrific and must cause a lot of pain. It's like beating someone to death, but instead of a fist or bat, it's a pogo stick. Who'd have thought of that? There's plenty of other weird and bizarre deaths in this film to keep you occupied from start to finish. If you weren't scared of leprechauns before then you sure as hell will be after this.

9. Tanning Bed ('Final Destination 3')

Ashlyn Halperin is the first survivor to die in this third instalment. The Final Destination films never fail to deliver on giving us the most bizarre deaths and this tanning bed one has to be one of the most shocking. The character just wants to enjoy a day pampering herself when something horrifically shocking happens to her.

I don't know how anyone can ever go on a tanning bed after seeing this scene. It's enough to scar anyone for life.

Some of the objects on my list are quite surprising because we didn't know they were deadly. I never thought a pogo stick and a garage door would be the cause of a death — and now I know better! These weapons made for some unusual death scenes, but they showcase the potential horrors of everyday objects.

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