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Chamber of horror NY is having a Christmas haunting that will have you praying they never close. This year, if you love the macabre and all things that go bump in the night, take some time off from your normal life and bring your love of all things horror. Trying to make it through the maze of horror in less than 30 minutes is quite the task. We at Vocal got to spend Halloween behind and in front of the curtain, seeing how much work and skill go into every scare. With 17 years of fright under their collective belts, Marty Arominski and Matt Guiliano invite you to three different tales of horror. 

Three, two, one Blackout! Blackout sends you feeling your way through the maze with only a glow stick and the dreams of reaching the other end. Nightmares awaited anyone who tried to escape the maniac manor. The owners are home and you just stepped into the wrong haunted house. Screams can be heard as they chase you through the Victorian house of ghouls. Your days will be spent reliving your trip through the Chambers of horror NY. Slaughterhouse, last but not least, is the final attraction! Any trip through the haunts famous grinder style horror nights will have you in fears.

Just when everyone was getting over Halloween, we found out this Christmas season, for four days in December, they are getting ready to show us another side of fear. Can't wait to see what makeup and effect Marty Arominski, owner and 17-year vet of haunts, and his lead makeup artist, Adam Capparelli, along with a slew of talented haunt team members shock us with. So pull up this Christmas season and enjoy the December 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th the show is open from 8 PM until 11 PM.  


Now for the sad part of the article, taken from the chambers of horror website, click here for the full story. 

"We were devastated and our lives turned upside down," said Matt Guiliano, one of the events co-owners. On Halloween Night at approximately 2:00 in the morning, a group of thieves broke into Chamber of Horrors and made away with the company safe. The contents of the safe included the Actor Payroll, Facility Rent, Personal Finances of the co-owners and a generous amount of ticket sales during the Halloween season. Marty Arominski when asked about the situation simply said “This was a huge loss for us as owners and for our Haunt Family. It could be the end of our six-year run”
After learning about the theft, the cast and crew who put together chamber of horrors donated most of their pay for the Halloween weekend to help out the owners but one individual knew it wasn’t enough. Robert Frankenberg jumped into action with the veterans of the haunted attraction and created Crooked Christmas. A fundraiser to ensure Chamber of Horrors returns for the 2018 season and the owners will be OK through the winter months. “This is about more than the business of scaring people, Matt has children. Christmas time is about giving back so that is exactly what we are doing. We are going to save these gentlemen’s families," said Robert Frankenberg one of the events Managers."

So this Christmas, open not only your mind to the experiences of horror these pro have to offer, but if you can open heart and save a local business that has served its community every Halloween for the last six years at its current location. Save Halloween this Christmas if you have the spirit or just respect them.  

Chamber of Horror NY

have the spirit save the chamber of horror.

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