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A Horror Homage: Trailer Imagines Eva Green And Oscar Isaac In Netflix Reboot Of 'The Addams Family'

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, but where the hell are The Addams Family?

'The Addams Family' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky, but where the hell are #TheAddamsFamily? It seems like an eternity since we heard from Gomez, Morticia, Fester and the rest of the family, but a YouTube trailer by uberfan Alexia Bertha has sparked a Fester lightbulb moment, "why has no one brought The Addams Family to #Netflix?"

Click Your Fingers

Going with the in-trend of dark and gritty, Bertha goes full Riverdale and imagines a modern update of our favorite #horror family. It features #OscarIsaac as patriarch Gomez, #EvaGreen as his macabre wife Morticia, and Penny Dreadful's #RoryKinnear as Uncle Fester. For those who were deprived of the magic of #BarrySonnenfeld's 1991 film The Addams Family, seriously, where have you been. Updating the family for the '90s, Sonnenfeld reimagined the cartoons created by Charles Addams in the New Yorker which began in 1938.

Since then there had been various iterations of the family, including the popular black-and-white show in 1964, but Sonnenfeld's film was a Burton-esque breath of dead air into the franchise. The director returned for The Addams Family Values in 1993, which if anything, was better than the original. It was a glorious triumph for campy '90s nostalgia, not least with Joan Cusack's Debbie Jellinsky — probably the best screen vixen since Catherine Tramell uncrossed her legs in basic instinct.

'The Addams Family Values' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

However, in 1998 we got a lackluster continuation, titled The Addams Family Reunion, which only included Carel Struycken and Christopher Hart reprising their roles as Lurch and Thing. Sadly, Raúl Juliá (Gomez) had died in 1994 and the rest of the cast, including #AngelicaHuston and #ChristopherLloyd, optioned not to return. The film was held up by newcomers Tim Curry and Daryl Hannah, but released direct-to-video and without the touch of Sonnenfeld, the film was a dire blot on the legacy.

What about Debbie?

'The Addams Family Values' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

We have had a TV continuation before, but with 18 years since it last aired, we think it is about time someone dusted off the hearse and picked up the family. American-Canadian sitcom The New Addams Family ran from 1998–1999 and with 65 episodes, had one more than the original series and was met with a positive reception, so we know it can be done.

Bertha's video certainly adds a darker edge to the series, but could it alienate fans of the family too much? The Addams family weren't your stereotypical monsters, the comedy came from them trying to make the most of their life in a white picket fence neighborhood. If we were to revive the series, it should 100 percent be based off Sonnenfeld's two films and keep its kitsch edge — I mean, we can't live without Debbie, can we?

'The Addams Family Values' [Credit: Paramount Pictures]

We have also been here before with a similar idea and it didn't exactly work out as planned. Even with a great director at the helm, #BryanFuller couldn't bring back The Munsters, and his short-lived Mockingbird Lane only made it to a pilot in 2012. However, with Sonnenfeld working his magic on Netflix's #ASeriesofUnfortunateEvents, perhaps he should resurrect the Addamses too.

Bertha's video may just be a wish, but how long until we see thing scuttling across our screens and into the deep pockets of Netflix? We have already seen what Sonnenfeld can do for the streaming giant, so grab a shovel and let's get digging — you might not want to let this idea "Fester" for too long!

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A Horror Homage: Trailer Imagines Eva Green And Oscar Isaac In Netflix Reboot Of 'The Addams Family'
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