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A Love that Destroys

Inspired by Friday the 13th

Where are my friends? A mist all the noise and people in the bar she feels the sensation of someone staring at her. Who did I come with again? As she looked in the direction she felt the sensation coming from, she began to feel strange. Something was off but she couldn't tell what it was. When did I even come to the bar?  She spots a strange person in the corner. She almost misses them with all the people moving at a strangely much faster rate than that of her and the strange figure. It was like they were in different worlds. Where am I? 

That's when she notices his eyes. They were an odd glowing green. And his lips, smiling with a suave yet villainous character to them. There was something about him that was positively mesmerizing. Who is that? She couldn't understand why she felt herself being drawn to the creature in such a strong manner. He wasn't exactly physically attractive but there was something about him that was so beautiful. The way he acted around her as she drew nearer wasn't necessarily caring but for some reason, him being around made her feel safe. "Yes my dear. Come closer." His voice echoed in her head. Wow. The way he spoke wasn't at all soothing, yet something about it made her melt. And the way he looked at her. His eyes were filled with a sort of hunger and maybe even anger yet she still wanted to be drawn into them even further. She wasn't even sure what he was exactly but the closer she got she knew he wasn't at all human, and he surely wasn't good. Even still this hold he had on her grew stronger with every passing second. Every inch and fiber of her brain screamed for her to get away but her body and heart tuned it out in hopes to go even deeper down the rabbit hole. This isn't right, you know something is very wrong! Until it was too late. The moment she came to be just an inch away from him she felt light headed. Her vision became cloudy and it felt like the floor had been ripped out from right underneath her. That very moment right before it was clear it was all over, she tried to get away and failed. 

She fluttered her eyes open, battered and bruised with cuts all over her arms and legs laying on the ground with different clothes on than in the bar. With a splitting headache she finds herself on a cold stone floor. She was in an alleyway with no one around but that monster. Thing is he seemed to be in the same place he was in when in the bar, same distance from her, in the same positioning. "Aahhhh!" She knew this man, but it was someone she had no longer recognized. Someone she had once trusted unconditionally. All the signs were there from the beginning. Why didn't I listen? He stood up to his full height, towering over her, only making the sight of him that much scarier. She backs up into a brick wall and there is nowhere to run. Her legs are too badly cut to get up. "Help-!" He knees her in the mouth which then makes her cough up blood, and a tooth. She looked up at him and into his raging eyes and she knew that soon enough it was all going to be game over. For all eternity her soul would now be tormented by the undying love that led to her demise. 

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A Love that Destroys
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