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A Release Date for the ‘Us’ Movie Is "Pushed Forward" to March 22!!

New information has leaked for the 'Us' movie's release date being pushed.

Image Credit to Us Movie

Breaking News!!

Jordan Peele’s Us movie has been "pushed forward" to March 22...

The original release date for this film was to be released on March 15.

Now the date has been pushed forward to March 22.

I know what you guys might be thinking, what in the world is going on?

Is something bad happening here?

There is nothing wrong here.

This is actually pretty good news.

The reason behind the film being pushed forward for the entire week is to build more buzz around the Us movie.

Southwest Film Festival to Host 'Us' Movie on Opening Night

Courtesy of Southwest Film Festival (@sxsw) on Twitter, they've announced the world premiere of Jordan Peele's Us movie as the opening night film for the 26th edition of the film festival.


We can breathe, guys.

This is not negative news.

Fandango "Confirms" 'Us' Movie Release Date

Courtesy of Fandango on Twitter, they also "confirmed" that the Us movie release date has been moved to March 22.

You know that we’re going to wait an extra week to see this film, right?

I wouldn't mind waiting that long.

At least Us is not pushed back to a later date. Us is definitely highly anticipated on my list of movies for 2019.

We have seen the trailer.

The buzz around this movie for me has always been very exciting. I’m super hyped to see this film, especially after watching Get Out back in 2017.

Courtesy of Slash Film, they stated that Jordan Peele is "flirting with an idea" of possibly making a sequel for Get Out. That film alone will create tons of buzz and excitement.

Jordan Peele should definitely make this sequel happen.

The Get Out movie was Jordan Peele’s directorial debut as a director. When we got the official trailer for Us on Christmas Day, I was super hyped for that movie.

The Uninvited Visitors

The trailer was so well-done.

The music was coordinated well.

The creepy, suspense concept suited this film.

Everything about the Us movie looks phenomenal.

I cannot wait to see more footage in the actual film for Us. There has been a lot of theories on how this movie could possibly end. There is one scenario where the family may very well survive and kill off the uninvited visitors (themselves).

Another scenario may occur if the uninvited visitors get the upper hand, and kill one or two of the family members. My best guess is the real family finding a way to get rid of their evil selves. Either way, this movie will be very entertaining.

Even though I am known for writing about spoilers, this type of movie shouldn’t be a part of any spoilers. I don't think there should be any spoilers when it comes to movies—if you know what I mean.

Lupita Nyong'o

Overall, I’m excited to see Us in theaters.

The release date being pushed forward a week is nothing drastic. This is just to build more buzz around the film. I guess it’s an honor for the film to premiere on opening night at Southwest Film Festival.

This is just an update, folks.

You know I will always give you updates about certain movies and things you are interested in. This is a movie I definitely had to give you guys that update on for "us."

I expect great things for this movie.

I expect to see a lot of suspense, drama, comedy, and high stakes in this film. Honestly, I think Jordan Peele should do a trilogy based off of both his Us and Get Out films.

The Us movie hits theaters on March 22.

That is all the updates I have for you today!

Thank you for your endless support!

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post!

Thank you all for reading!

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A Release Date for the ‘Us’ Movie Is "Pushed Forward" to March 22!!
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