A Talented Horror Author Gone Too Soon

A Short Review of a Late Great Writer

Werewolves. Besides Zombies, these are the true monsters that have always captivated my imagination. Even though they've terrified me since my childhood, they are hands down my favorite monster.

My wife definitely knows what I like. That, and she's very observant. This past Christmas, she ordered a new novel off of Amazon for me as a gift. I'm sure it was pretty obvious that I was interested in eventually purchasing this certain item (mainly because it was a part of my wish list along with many other lycanthrope and ghoul novels). So she purchased this one for me, which caused excitement to flow through me like the first time I got electrocuted while performing on stage (that's a whole other story). I knew nothing about the author, and it wasn't on the New York Times Bestseller list. All that mattered to me was that it was a werewolf novel I haven't read yet and I wanted my own copy.

The Wolfman was written by late author Nicolas Pekearo. Unfortunately, he never lived to see it published in 2008. 

Growing up in New York City's Greenwich Village, Pekearo worked in bookstores throughout his life, then later became an NYPD Auxiliary Police Officer. Apparently, the mixture of both passions fueld his creativity, and shaped him into the prolific writer that he was. Mixing the Horror and Crime/Mystery genres together, he came up with an intriguing concept.

As the story goes, the year is 1990, and the main character known as Marlowe Higgins, is a drifter. A loner. Secretly, he's a monster. During a short tour overseas, after being drafted into the Vietnam War, he discovers a terrifying family secret that's been past down to him from generation to generation. After being discharged, he comes home to his mother telling him the entire truth he never new. Once a month, on every full moon, he changes into a werewolf, and he kills. Not until after he's already devoured and mutilated innocent lives does he find a way to control the beast. He acts as a vigilante. He studies hundreds of murder cases, and gathers tons of information on criminals who have done "really bad" things, and sends the beast after them. Instead of innocent victims, he kills bad people.

I thought this was an amazing read! Pekearo had the elements of humor, horror, heartache and pain, revenge and gore that literally kept me on the edge of my seat. I couldn't put it down!

Nicholas Pekearo, from what I've understood after the research I did on him, wanted this to eventually become a series. But, sadly, he died a hero's death before he had the chance. While working as an Auxiliary Officer, he responded to a call when a crazed gunman entered a restaurant and proceeded to shoot up the place. Along with his partner, Pekearo pursued the suspect, but was gunned down. His partner was killed instantly resulting from a gunshot wound to the head, and Pekearo later died at a local hospital after being shot five times. This apparently sparked a lot of controversy since Auxiliary Police Officers don't carry firearms. 

The Wolfman was the only novel written by Nicholas Pekearo, and it's such a damn shame he never had the pleasure of seeing it published. 

If you're a fan of Horror, Mystery, and Crime, or just a fan of reading period, I encourage anyone to find your own copy of this terrific novel!

Even though only one of his writings has ever been published, Nicholas Pekearo is definitely a legend in my book.

Cody Pope
Cody Pope

I'm a Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist from North Central Texas. Husband to a gorgeous wife and father to three amazing kids. I've been performing professionally for a little over 13 years. I'm a fanatic of all things Horror, Sci-Fi and Art.

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