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A Turtle's Tail

The Full Four Part Story

Mustard the Turtle

There once was a turtle named Mustard. He loved to eat clouds. One day he ate a leaf. The next day he played Mario Kart and played as Koopa. He lost to Donkey Kong. He got so mad that he ate breakfast at Burger King. He asked for a Big Mac and got kicked out, so he went to Dairy Queen. He ordered a banana split but then remembered he is allergic to them. So he just got a blue raspberry slush. Later that day he played basketball with a deer. They considered it a draw because Mustard was a turtle and the deer was a deer so they couldn’t really play basketball. So then they had a slumber party on a mushroom. Mustard used to live in a child’s sandbox but now he lives in a tire. One night he was run over and killed.


Purple the Turtle

A few months had passed after Mustard’s death. Mustard’s brother, Purple, had moved into his brother’s tire. One day he was really bored, so he decided to play the Xbox but then noticed that he had no fingers, no TV, and no Xbox to even play. So he decided to go for a walk with his friend’s cat. Instead of walking, Purple rode on the cat. But then he fell off and landed on his back. He sat there for a few days trying to roll himself over. Later that day, a fat rabbit named Pickles helped Purple roll back over. Pickles had lots of money. He told Purple how he got it. Pickles had robbed a bank. After Purple had heard this terrible news, he went straight home. He packed his things (though he had nothing) and left town and was never seen again.


Purple's Return

Many years had passed after Purple’s disappearance. His family was very worried. The most worried turtle in Purple’s and Mustard’s family was their sister, Sandwich. One day she decided to go and find her brother Purple. She looked under rocks and on kitchen tables. Under cars and even in his tire that he called home. But he was nowhere to be found. She got really hungry during her search, so Sandwich went to Arby’s. There she met the fat rabbit Pickles. Taken away by his charm and money, Sandwich fell in love with Pickles not knowing that he was the reason why her brother was gone. Many months had gone by with Pickles and Sandwich's relationship, and Purple had heard about this and was on his way from his secret location to save his sister. It only took about three days to get to her. Barging into Pickles’ home, Purple found his sister tied up in a chair and found Pickles in the kitchen cooking dinner. He was cutting a carrot with a very sharp knife. Pickles looked at Purple and asked if he was hungry. Then Purple asked what he was making and Pickles said Turtle Soup. The whole time he has been with Sandwich, he only has seen her as a meal. He was never really in love with her. Purple was so scared that he pushed Pickles into the big pot in the middle of the kitchen and made a soup out of him. After finishing the soup he untied his sister and ate the soup peacefully. Once they were finished, they went home and everything was normal again or was it?!?


Bears & Turtles Vs. Rabbits

After Purple and Sandwich went home, Purple met a bear named Booger and his wife, Snot. One day Booger invited Purple and his family over for dinner. Sandwich spent most of her time with her friend Orange, which was Booger’s and Snot’s daughter. During dinner, they all had a big food fight. After dinner, everyone cleaned up and sat down at the table again for dessert. Snot pulled the cake out of the oven. It was a Bunny Rabbit Carrot Cake, which explained the rabbit skin laying on the floor. Once the cake was sat on the table, there was a loud bang at the door and then the door swung open. There stood in the doorway was a family of rabbits. Sandwich had recognized that this was Pickles’ family. They must have come for revenge for their son’s death, but then she realized that that was not the only reason why they were there. They were also there to get revenge on the bears for killing their uncle for the cake. Minutes later everyone was fighting until the death. But then there was a silence in the room, and everyone was on the floor dying. Blood, fur, and pieces of shells were covering the floor. And everyone was dead.


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