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All out War: 4 Things We Learned from the Walking Dead Season 7B Extended Promo

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 6 and 7 of the Walking Dead follow.

In a few weeks, Season 7B of The Walking Dead will premiere and continue where we left off after the mid-season finale. Last we saw them, Rick and company were reunited with Daryl and decided to finally make a stand against #Negan. While that finale concluded on a positive note, there are still many obstacles standing in the way of Rick taking Negan down.

The latest promo for the mid-season premiere provides us with a glimpse at the obstacles waiting for Rick, as well as a tease for some of the positive moments coming up. Here's the extended promo for Season 7B of #TheWalkingDead.

There's not much new content to go over in the promo, but here are the most intriguing screenshots we spotted, as well as what these stills could mean for the rest of the season.

1. Looks Like Negan Finds Out Daryl Escaped

This screenshot of Negan in the Sanctuary clearly depicts him looking on at something, quite displeased. It's up for debate but it looks like Negan might be looking at Daryl's empty room where he was held captive. If so, this look on Negan's face could be indicative of the disdain he feels. Could we also see Negan take out his frustrations on Alexandria once again?

To be clear, Negan doesn't know how Daryl escaped or if Rick's group helped, but the logical thing for Negan to do would be to look for #Daryl in Alexandria. If he doesn't find Daryl there, Negan will probably proceed to torture the Alexandrians for information or just for pure revenge. Although, Eugene could be the one to take the brunt of Negan's revenge since he was taken captive by him in the mid-season finale.

2. Eugene Performing For Negan's Wives

Eugene was taken captive by Negan the last time we saw him and now that the promo has provided us with a glimpse at the upcoming season, we know Eugene is busy performing some scientific experiments for Negan. At this point, it's safe to assume that this probably has something to do with Eugene making gunpowder and bullets.

Negan discovered Eugene's talent after Rosita used the one bullet Eugene made for her in an attempt to kill Negan. Unfortunately, Rosita failed and Eugene was taken captive as a result.

The newest screenshots captured in the promo reveal that Eugene is using his scientific knowledge to perform for Negan's wives. He's not using bullets but using gunpowder to make some impressive explosives, which will likely lead inspire Negan to demand large quantities of gunpowder.

3. Rick Is Going To Face Down An Indestructible Walker

Looks like Rick has his work cut out for him with this new style of walker standing in his way. The walker, covered in metal blades and protected by a metal helmet, appears to be indestructible. Even for Rick, attempting to stop a walker like that will probably lead to him being stabbed or bitten. Although, since he is the star of the show, we shouldn't expect Rick to meet his end here.

4. Rick And Michonne Get Some Good News

From the look on their faces, they appear to be somewhat relieved — happy in fact. Michonne and Rick's demeanor hasn't improved yet, but this new image of the two of them smiling seems to imply that they'll receive some good news or, at the very least, stumble across something that puts a smile on their face during Season 7B.

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All out War: 4 Things We Learned from the Walking Dead Season 7B Extended Promo
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