A.R. Marquez

Adam Ray Marquez was born and raised in California's San Joaquin Valley. He writes poetry, essays, horror fiction, and is the Editor-In-Chief at The Dead Walk.

He plays guitar for Held In Scorn and Mylee's Dying Wish.

Instagram @GhostxPoetry

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The Final Cadence
11 days ago
PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE PREVIOUS ENTRY OF THIS MANUSCRIPT. The air was cold and on the verge of dusk as Damone exited the archaic subway terminal via the crumbling stairs leading to the street. The ...
The Final Cadence
2 months ago
AUTHOR INTRODUCTION: I've had this idea for a very long time. It has survived numerous versions and adaptations. Characters have been given life and subsequently written off into the dark abyss of the...
8 months ago
Growing up a horror fan in the 80s and into the early 90s, you’d be hard-pressed not to stumble upon the gore rotted gems and blood spattered monstrosities brought to us by those crazy Italians! Dario...
'Zombies, Man... They Creep Me Out!'
9 months ago
Zombies. Where did this lovable epidemic come from? When I was a kid in the late 80s, early 90s, I loved horror films. In fact, they were an extension of who I was as a kid. I saw my first horror film...
Uncle George
9 months ago
I always knew this day would come. No one is infinite. Everyone bends the knee to the "God of Death" at some point in their chain of existence. But this one is a little different. Some find it silly t...