Adizzy D

 I love to blog and write short stories. I am a lover of horror, fantasy, space, and Aliens. Writing has always been my outlet and a place to escape from real life..  

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16 days ago
I was looking out my bedroom window one night when I saw something a little strange. My family and I had just moved from Mississippi to Salem Ma and I was having a very hard time adjusting. My dad jus...
Mr. Death
a month ago
It was a warm fall day when I decided to go for a run. It was the perfect day, sun shining, the temperature could be described as sweater weather, and the leaves danced with the most colorful reds, or...
The Ouija Board
a month ago
Have you ever wondered if ghosts are real or what happens when you mess with the dead? I did and now I am paying for it in the worst way. One day I was bored and called a few friends to come over to m...
The Old State Hospital
2 months ago
I am working late in this school that the town has decided to renovate. This school use to be an old state hospital and just looks like a giant lost cause. I have no desire to be here, never mind unti...
The Witch
2 months ago
It’s 3 AM. I can see it standing in the corner of my room looking at me. I can see its outline. It looks like a witch with long fingernails and stringy unkempt hair. This creature seems to be moving c...
The Hide Behind
2 months ago
Ever hear of the Hide Behind? I have, and I'm lucky to be able to tell the tale about my crazy encounter I had one day while I was out in the woods. It was a warm summer morning when I decided that I ...