Adizzy D

 I love to blog and write short stories. I am a lover of horror, fantasy, space, and Aliens. Writing has always been my outlet and a place to escape from real life..  

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The Hide Behind
7 months ago
Ever hear of the Hide Behind? I have, and I'm lucky to be able to tell the tale about my crazy encounter I had one day while I was out in the woods. It was a warm summer morning when I decided that I ...
They Want You
8 months ago
I’m sitting in my living room when I hear it, laughing. The sounds of whispering and laughing. I get up and I go to investigate. I call Roy and grab his leash, “We are going for walk buddy,” I say gin...
9 months ago
Developed film lined the walls of Maxine’s dark room along with negatives. “This just can not be!” “My camera didn’t even work in the woods, it powered down as soon as I turned it on!” A few days afte...
The Woods
9 months ago
It’s five in the morning and it’s a crisp fall Saturday morning. I decided to go for a walk in the local woods. I have my bags packed and my camera ready for some leaf peeping. It’s New England and th...
The Fog
9 months ago
There was a knock at the door. I look at my alarm clock on my nightstand and the time says 1:30 AM. I grab my pants and my sweatshirt and throw them on my cold body. I’m thinking to myself “this bette...