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I blog. I write. I write me, my recipes, my fantasies, characters based off of people I know. I also use, Writer's Outlet and Mighty Networks.

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A Pagan's Inquisition
10 months ago
Our town was Pagan, and consisted of gypsies and other groups of nomads. My name was Yndira. I was half-French and half-Indian (my mom was white enough and knew French) and a redhead. Our town was in ...
Mon Ange (My Angel)
10 months ago
I was one of Louis XVI’s (sez) many black dot assassins. One wouldn’t suspect a woman, so it was easier to go through the city unnoticed, even without being on the arm of a man. I wore my hair differe...
I Don't Bring It Home with Me
a year ago
It's my spirit job. I don't take it home with me. If I have to whip you for what you've done wrong so you can get back up to Heaven, I've accepted that. I, in my daily life, however, do not want that....
Szilagyi/Tepes Reaction to the Movie
2 years ago
I would have done things differently. That Mira/Mirena character? Weak in ways I wouldn’t have been. When she cried and told the movie Vlad not to let her son be taken away? That’s what I mean. I woul...
Crimson Peak Reaction
2 years ago
You all know who I am. You all know who I am in this too, and I’m not who you’d expect me to be by my title, my reputation as such a baby-stealing, slut-favoring, sexuality and kink head. Yes, that’s ...
Strigoi: Chapter 2
2 years ago
What does one say about having been raped in front of a group of people in order to get out of a manor one has been stuck in? Yes, I was also the butterfly, though you will laugh at that. I know exact...