Aliza Dube

I am a recent graduate of the BFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Maine at Farmington. I am currently living with my boyfriend and cat in Kansas, cause why not? I am currently seeking publication for a memoir manuscript. 

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Mary and the Monster
5 months ago
Mary, Mary quite scary, how does your writing go? With lightning strikes and cadaver parts, and pretty skulls all in a row. Mary Godwin’s mother made her a writer, but didn’t live long enough to raise...
Mr. Addams's Family
6 months ago
In the beginning, there was the woman. Not just any woman, that woman. That woman standing with her hip held akimbo in the parlor of her decaying Victorian mansion. A mask of politeness hung about her...
Treading Water
6 months ago
They are sleeping, just sleeping. This is what Llorona would tell herself when she closed her eyes; gaping mouth, black night, too tired to remember to forget. Her babies, her seven angels and all sev...