Amanda Penn

Hi!  I'm Amanda Penn and I'm a lover of research and the author of paranormal, paranormal romance, romantic suspense and Dystopian as well as a freelance writer. 

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The Crescent Hotel and Spa
8 months ago
In Eureka Springs, Arkansas overlooking a valley sits The Crescent Hotel and Spa. Opening its doors on May 20, 1886, it began its rich and haunted history which eventually gave it its nickname of Amer...
Brunkcow's Cabin
10 months ago
When thinking of gunslingers, murder, the goldrush and ghosts, one can’t help but to think of Tombstone, Arizona where the wildest of the west was fought but Southwest of Tombstone in Cochise County a...
The Red Onion Saloon
a year ago
In the small city of Skagway, Alaska, on Broadway Street there is a building built with planks cut by the town’s founder, Captain William Moore. This building is interesting for three reasons: a bit o...
The Haunting of Drish House
a year ago
On 17th Street in Tuscaloosa, Alabama there is a home that is hailed as the most haunted in Alabama. It is called the Drish House which was formerly known as Monroe Place. Built mostly by slaves for J...
The Bell Witch of Tennessee
2 years ago
One of America's pastimes is telling ghost stories, but if you live in Tennessee, one story is more terrifying...more intriguing than them all and that is the story of the infamous Bell Witch. The Bel...