Amanda Stables

24 year old college student. Fascinated by horror and entertainment.

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Five Warren Hauntings That Should Be Made into a Conjuring Movie
3 months ago
Ed Warren and the recently deceased Lorraine Warren are some of the most famous paranormal investigators to ever walk the earth. Their cases have become major motion pictures, thanks to the director J...
The First Purge Review
8 months ago
Honestly, I’m still a little bit surprised that The First Purge was made. Since the very first movie, it’s been a bit of a giant question mark over why the Purge started and how it started. Basically,...
Seven Haunted Places in California
9 months ago
California is the largest state in the United States and has a long history of wild behavior. Most of the original settlers (not Native Americans) were hoping for a better life through the gold rush. ...
Ten Scariest Japanese Urban Legends
10 months ago
Scary Japanese urban legends are aplenty, but here are the top ten scariest.