Ashton Goodnough

'Tales From the Crypt' Review
6 days ago
*This is a full episode review. Spoiler warning is now in effect.* Hello, Boils and Ghouls. This Crypt Keeper dead time story is my favorite one out of this whole first season, with episode 4 coming i...
'Tales From the Crypt' Review
16 days ago
Hello again, Boils and Ghouls. As of writing this review, it is in the month of May and of course, Christmas is still a long time away. Although with this fiendishly festive episode, you don't have to...
'Tales From the Crypt' Review
a month ago
(This is a full episode review, so a spoiler alert is now issued.) Hello there, boils and ghouls. Today's story is titled "The Man Who Was Death," the first episode in this beloved 7-season series. It...