Bailey Schooley

I am a stay at home mom to some beautiful children. I am here to share the short stories I use to write in my notebooks. I want them to be seen and shared. Some of my stories are dark and depressing but I promise I am fine. I just write.

9 months ago
It is so dark all the time. I remain here and think of my existence and what I've achieved. I was a well loved middle school educator. I prefer to think I reached a number of students; I single-handed...
9 months ago
Ashlie's ears perked up when she heard a twig snap to the left of her. He was close. Her breath fogged the crisp air in front of her. She took a deep inhale and held it. Matthew followed her from the ...
The Doctor Is In
9 months ago
Dr. Robert Alaric was a professional plastic surgeon. He helped people perfect the flaws they saw in themselves. It was something that he secretly enjoyed not for the happiness after the surgery, but ...