Bruce Arnold II

I write. It's all I have and all that matters to me. I'm not sure what this makes me but I hope that others can find the same peace I do within the words I string together. 

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3 days ago
I sat in front of the cage in a leather recliner staring through the bars as the girl began to open her eyes. She let out a soft groan and lifted her head to look around. Her eyelids were still droopi...
She Who Comes
3 months ago
She who comes in the dead of night In the dark is a fearful sight she who walks without a care As silent as the midnight air She’ll let you know when she has come For fear will make you want to run Bu...
Beautiful Darlings
3 months ago
Malcolm Chisel: psychopathic “baby” killer is a man who's lost touch with reality. As a weekly hobby he kidnaps little girls, tortures them and then brutally chops them into pieces. To him they are hi...
The Children
3 months ago
They sounded like they were coming from a tunnel. Their voices echoed throughout my skull, bouncing off the edges of every bone. My heart raced as I looked around for where they were coming from. Over...
Heart Stealer
3 months ago
“Don’t worry this won’t hurt a bit,” I said softly, “You’ll feel a slight pinch and then it’ll be like a river running through your chest...Maybe.” The woman struggled and fought against the binds tha...
3 months ago
Another volume for the shelves, another tale of woe. The depression of my life snakes its way through my mind and down my arm to the fingers that hold its escape. I stared at the paper, my eyes follow...