Bruce Arnold

I write. It's unclear to me if I am any good so I could use feed back. Let me know if I could improve on anything. My number is 412 530 5925

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The Children
2 years ago
They sounded like they were coming from a tunnel. Their voices echoed throughout my skull, bouncing off the edges of every bone. My heart raced as I looked around for where they were coming from. Over...
Heart Stealer
2 years ago
“Don’t worry this won’t hurt a bit,” I said softly, “You’ll feel a slight pinch and then it’ll be like a river running through your chest...Maybe.” The woman struggled and fought against the binds tha...
2 years ago
Another volume for the shelves, another tale of woe. The depression of my life snakes its way through my mind and down my arm to the fingers that hold its escape. I stared at the paper, my eyes follow...
Never Let Go
2 years ago
“Never let me go” were the last words I heard before I woke.
Hang Wood
2 years ago
Midnight Search
Hell's Angel
2 years ago
Her teeth pressed into the skin of her lips as she took her seat upon the darkened throne. Her heartbeat raced and her muscles were tense with excitement. She was wound up and ready to launch. Blacken...