Caleb Sherman

Host of the Youtube series The Year in Gaming, Final Fantasy completionist, Real-Time Strategy lover and loser, massive fan of Dune and lover of horror movies.

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Common Man's View: 'The Den'
a year ago
A potentially peaceful evening of anime viewing is interrupted by my wife's school chum who recommends we watch a movie about home invasion and webcam murders; the ensuing night reaffirms my desire no...
Monster on the Shelf (Pt. 1)
a year ago
“That's just it, I can write outlines all day, but I can't put down the words for a whole story.” That was the conclusion I came to every night, after hours of working on little more than plot summari...
Gail Force Winds Pt. 1
a year ago
My grandfather's old farm lands hadn't been touched in ten years now, not since his death left it untended. It seemed a fitting place to escape my troubles now. My childhood home was situated at the e...
Common Man's View: 'The Maus'
a year ago
A symptom of just being a common man, sometimes I know exactly what I want to say about a movie, and sometimes I watch one of these Netflix Originals and I come out the other side having no idea what ...
Common Man's View: 'Cargo'
a year ago
A horror story told mostly in broad daylight and putting little to no emphasis on the horror aspect, Yolanda Ramke's Cargo is perhaps the finest “zombie” movie I've seen. Ever. In fairness, most of my...
A Common Man's View: 'Hush'
a year ago
Currently trending in Netflix's horror scene is a delightful little flick called Hush. Mike Flanagan's 2016 slasher has come across my path a few times over the past year, and I vehemently avoided it,...