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'American Horror Story': Season 8
a year ago
Recently, like many American Horror Story fans, I have been trying to re-watch as many old episodes as possible to prepare myself for the newest season of AHS. On Friday, July 20, American Horror Stor...
a year ago
I look over the side of the boat, looking for the scales that keep making that awful music. I have listened to this fish sing for what seems like hours now. Her voice is so shrill that it's almost lik...
16 Facts You May Not Know About Your Favorite Horror Movies!
a year ago
Here are some facts you may not have known about some of the classics!
The Car Crash
a year ago
"You can't just buy a new house every time someone pisses you off, Bunny." My mother's words were ringing in my ear as the realtor handed over the keys. Shut up! I think. I have to do what is best for...