Chriss H

Hi, I am Chriss! I consider myself a creator of many things. I write and create videos on the internet. I would like to one day be a published author and maybe work on films.

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The Dogman Ch.1
4 months ago
Frost layered itself on the windows with a thin sheet of ice, making it impossible to see outside. The smell of cinnamon filled the house. My eyes shot open as I heard the sound of an ax chopping wood...
The Dogman
4 months ago
Prologue. It was my twelfth birthday and my dad was taking me camping at my favorite spot by the lake. We have been camping there since we moved here to Maine. We lived in one of the most rural areas ...
4 months ago
Drip. Drip.. Drip... Drops of water fell one at a time from the facet into the sink. Gasp. Head spinning with a throbbing pain. Stomach churning with hunger. Leaning against the inside of the porcelai...
The Hooded Nightmare
4 months ago
A man stood there, staring at her. The stranger who always haunted her in her dreams. He was standing in the middle of a field with dead, decaying animals as far as the eye could see. The fowl stench ...