Claire Raymond

I have been a writer for 14 years now, I'll figure it out one day.

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9 Horror Movie Cliches
a year ago
Let me start by saying that I love horror movies; they are my favorite kind and I would watch horror and action all day, every day if I could. I hate romantic comedies and I have no desire to watch te...
Why Mick Taylor Is the Best Modern Horror Villain
a year ago
Horror movie villains are unique. If you create a good one, after one movie, they become icons. Just look at how Michael Myers has stood the test of time in the horror stakes. Even now, after almost 4...
Why Halloween Is the Best Holiday
a year ago
It seems like nowadays, holidays are getting "bigger" and people are celebrating harder and they are on a major mission to outdo each other in the holiday celebration stakes. I blame three things for ...