Clarissa Ramirez

Name's Clarissa, I'm 21, and I just love to write about anything my mind comes up with :)

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Vast (Pt. 2)
2 months ago
“Stupid lock,” Mi-Nam grumbled to herself, pulling her key out of the slot of the lock and quickly banging on her door two times. It was then that her door opened, and she sighed in relief. “I really ...
2 months ago
One knock. "Hello?" Two knocks. "Please, open the door." Three knocks. "Please! Anyone home?" Mi-Nam was not amused someone was knocking on her door at—she reached for her watch, squinting to read the...
Horror Movie Review: 'May' (2002)
2 months ago
2002's May by Lucky McKee is a movie that will always stay engraved in my mind. From its bizarre story to the haunting characters portrayed by a good set of actors and actresses alike. The movie surro...