Cody Pope

I'm a Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist from North Central Texas. Husband to a gorgeous wife and father to three amazing kids. I've been performing professionally for a little over 13 years. I'm a fanatic of all things Horror, Sci-Fi and Art.

A Talented Horror Author Gone Too Soon
a month ago
Werewolves. Besides Zombies, these are the true monsters that have always captivated my imagination. Even though they've terrified me since my childhood, they are hands down my favorite monster. My wi...
My Favorite Novel Of All Time 'I Am Legend'
a month ago
"Outside, they howled and pummeled the door, shouting his name in a paroxysm of fury." I Am Legend, in my opinion, is one of the greatest sci fi-horror novels of all time. I may just be biased since i...