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I'm never afraid to tell you're own story. My stories are all apart larger storylines, there are multiple parts. I love feedback and constructive criticism. The Patreon

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3 months ago
Story 1 Atlas—The child from outer space! Part 1 I’m recording this from the Pod I arrived in. The more I’m in this spacecraft, the more I find out about it and me. I’m doing this because one day my b...
2 years ago
“Why don’t we start at the beginning?” I take out my phone and start recording our conversation to begin the interview process. “Hello, my name is Hex Stratford and I’m with the Federal Bureau of Inve...
The Beast Within
2 years ago
Serena presses on as she nears an opening to the underbelly of an abandoned warehouse. A sac that has been burst open from the inside, which is thirty feet long, sways over the gallows which are now t...