Crisanta Pantoja Tidwell

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Not a Love Story (Pt. 2)
7 months ago
"Dr. Ben," she whispered into the phone. "William is hurt." A long pause, then a stern voice, "I'm on my way." Dr. Ben had always taken care of her and kept her alive for the torture. "She's a hard on...
Recover Your Lover
a year ago
The girl, a woman really, short cropped black hair and eyes like shining onyx, she’s sitting to left of me on the bus. No, not onyx, onyx is all wrong. Her eyes are hematite, magnetic. I think of thes...
Not a Love Story
a year ago
He's not sure when this will end or when it began. He knows he didn't love her when it began. Or maybe he did. Maybe the Fates knew that he did and it was they that compelled him to take her. They sin...