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Terror from Above: 15 Winged Monsters from Around the World
2 days ago
Throughout history, people have told stories of monsters that terrorize us from the skies. People of medieval Europe lived in fear of fire-breathing dragons, Native Americans tell of a giant bird that...
15 Creepiest Places on Earth
a month ago
People love to travel, and are always drawn to places because of their reputation for being a beautiful place like Hawaii or France. But other places have been discovered for more sinister reasons. Th...
15 Strange Creatures that May Be Out There
a month ago
I'm making some changes as of right now with my username, obviously, and also this story will be a part of a series, as will some of my previous stories. There will be some updated/altered versions of...
15 Urban Legends that Are Actually True
a month ago
Here’s a little something that’ll keep you up at night. A few or more of us have heard about an urban legend, a story that is passed around from person to person and is passed off as a true story. But...
20 Cursed Objects that Really Exist
3 months ago
People have always been fascinated by the supernatural and the occult. Cursed objects have been the product of movies and stories, but that’s all they are, right? Well some of these movies and stories...
15 Scariest Creepypastas Ever Told
3 months ago
No SCP’s will be mentioned in this one, as I did one about them in my previous article, sorry SCP-173. What are creepypastas? Creepypastas are urban legends or scary stories found all over the interne...