Dean Croxson

Horror/Supernatural novel writer -

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Based in Surrey, UK

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New Dawn - Prologue
4 months ago
I awaken to the bitter screech of an alarm. I lay listening in confusion as I slap my clock, only for nothing to happen. As the morning fog begins to dissipate from my head, blood-curdling screams bre...
The Outbreak - Chapter 4
10 months ago
My eyes fall open to the filtered brightness of the summer sun through the thick off-white curtains; I watch dust float through the rays of light that manage to penetrate them. The warmth of Jordan's ...
The Outbreak - Chapter 3
10 months ago
I raise my blood-soaked hand to brush the hair out of my face as the might of dusty wind fights against me; each step I take in this wind feels like a thousand steps on broken glass. As I lift my head...
The Outbreak - Chapter 2
a year ago
Almost as if time had reversed itself, the car rolls down the same never ending road we were on returning from LA; I can almost taste the irony. With the wheel in hand and the blood soaked retracting ...
The Outbreak
a year ago
The road ahead just lay there, long and lifeless. The wind shoots through our hair like a bullet closing in on an innocent lion resting on its rock as we speed down the highway in my uncles red conver...