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'Kingdom' on Netflix Brings a New Twist to the Zombie
11 days ago
I have mentioned before my love for horror. I believe that I have also mentioned my love for zombies. If I have not, well, I love love love zombies. I can always go into my mental archive and write ab...
Netflix Binge
23 days ago
I love scary movies. There is no sugar coating it. For those who agree with me, we all know there are levels to this. From horror, suspense, thriller, hack and slash, gore, and all of the sub-genres t...
Netflix Gems
2 months ago
I have been going a little crazy bingeing on Netflix, and I must say, I am proud of the collection they have. I've become SUPER excited (where's my cape?) to sit back and binge on adrenaline-rushed fe...
Netflix Thriller Gems
4 months ago
2018 did not disappoint me with its horror movies. Movies like Winchester, Annihilation, Insidious, and The Quiet Place are not lacking in the jump department and give quite a thrill for those with st...