Don Anderson II

I write about movies but I write about stuff that happened to me in my life too. Music is involved even though I don't know much about it plus I'll sprinkle some things I love about women. Send some tips if you love what I talk about

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A Minor Man (Part IV)
7 months ago
---------Continued from "A Minor Man", "A Minor Man (Part II)", and "A Minor Man (Part III)"------------ Max is dead now, Karen is using the pendulum over the map that Max had, and Simon gets up to go...
A Minor Man (Part III)
10 months ago
--------Continued from "A Minor Man" and "A Minor Man (Part 2)---------- The car pulls up to a cabin near a lake. Simon, Karen, and Max get out of the car, Max is carrying the clothes he was wearing b...
A Minor Man (Part 2)
10 months ago
Karen looks at Max in astonishment with a hint of fear. Max pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it with his match. He takes a puff and asks, "Well, then, darling. Can you tell me why you ...
A Minor Man
a year ago
He's sitting in a booth at a diner. He's wearing a black t-shirt with blue jeans and a pair of black Converse. The waitress approaches him with a pot of coffee and asks, "More coffee for you, darlin'?...
Why I Don't Watch Horror Movies
a year ago
I never understood why people loved being scared or at least why some of my family members did. It's one thing for me to watch a movie with horror elements, but I can't watch horror movies like some o...