Elijah Taylor

I’m an aspiring  screen-writer!


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Chemistry Pt. III
a month ago
I awake in a cold sweat with no recollection of the night prior. I feel my neck and it's covered in blood. Nate usually isn't that aggressive with biting, and he certainly wouldn't have turned me. I d...
The Sacrifice
3 months ago
The full moon dons and illuminates the cold frosty ground. Every step that I make crunches and I see my footprints clearly in the grass. With every breath I draw I can see the vapor form. The cuts fro...
The Darkness
3 months ago
I start to process the events of the night before. Somehow, the forest calls to me. I toss and turn in my bed, unable to rest. When I do awake, I awake abruptly and crudely. I clutch my stuffed animal...
Chemistry, Pt. II
6 months ago
Nate and I have been unofficially a thing for about six months now. He has gotten a lot weirder though; distant, cold. He always seems to only come out at night, which I don't entirely mind on account...
The Picture
7 months ago
Walking into the cabin was cold. The wind blew a violent breeze that slammed the door shut behind me. "Woah!" I exclaimed. The cabin had its own feeling to it; an overall cold feeling. Walking past th...