Elijah Taylor

I guess I just took the term, "Gay Rights" to a whole other level. 


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The Dauntless' Revenge
3 months ago
The full moon is bright, and her light shines on the deck of The Dauntless. The men and women are preparing for the battle to come, as they grip their weapons in anticipation for victory... In all of ...
Murder at Hillcrest
5 months ago
The guests finally arrive at the manor for dinner. It is a cold and frosty night, the windows are frozen shut and the wind rattles the shutters. One after the next, the guests enter the manor and cong...
6 months ago
The day starts like any other, with a hot shower and morning tea. After that, I get packed and ready to meet my classmates at this abandoned swamp. We're supposed to try and test the area for any spir...
Date Night
6 months ago
As our anniversary is coming up, Brett is going on about what he wants to do, how special he wants to make it. We both sit on the bed discussing different date ideas. "We could go downtown and go to a...
Chemistry Pt. III
8 months ago
I awake in a cold sweat with no recollection of the night prior. I feel my neck and it's covered in blood. Nate usually isn't that aggressive with biting, and he certainly wouldn't have turned me. I d...
The Sacrifice
10 months ago
The full moon dons and illuminates the cold frosty ground. Every step that I make crunches and I see my footprints clearly in the grass. With every breath I draw I can see the vapor form. The cuts fro...