Eliza Vargas

College student in LA, aspiring singer, actress, and writer

2 months ago
Everyone else was laughing. From the moment I walked into the room and I couldn't understand why. Were they laughing at me? Did I walk in funny? Is there something wrong with the way I look that I did...
The Hiking Trip
4 months ago
So it's another ordinary day and my friend calls me up to ask me if I want to go hiking. I think to myself, well I want to do more to exercise and it has been a while, but hiking? It's been years sinc...
A Love that Destroys
7 months ago
Where are my friends? A mist all the noise and people in the bar she feels the sensation of someone staring at her. Who did I come with again? As she looked in the direction she felt the sensation com...
The Nightmare
7 months ago
I'm in the top bunk in the cabin getting ready for bed, sneakily eating a doughnut before my aunt comes in to check on me. She never allows us to eat any sweets after eight, even though I was now fift...
Sex With Bloody Mary
7 months ago
It was just another Saturday night when me and some of my friends were playing Truth or Dare. You could say we were inspired by all the Truth or Dare gone wrong movies that are out there. So we were f...
The Unknown
10 months ago
Everything is dark. I feel like my eyes are open but I can't see a thing. Everywhere around me it is pitch black. I try to move but I find myself to be unable to. I can't tell whether or not I am boun...