Emily Ericson

I'm an aspiring writer with many stories and opinions to give along with much knowledge to share.

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The Man Who Shook
8 months ago
I felt the usual breeze of the passing train as I stood waiting for mine. It was a quarter until 11 when I realized that I was one of a few people at the station that night. There were some other busi...
The Shriek
a year ago
I was sound asleep when I heard it. Underneath my blanket, my ears heightened to a state to where I could hear the drop of a pin a mile away. I wanted to get up but my body wouldn't allow me. I was st...
a year ago
Through the kitchen a fly buzzed around, reaching every corner until it landed on some blueberries. The fly was then shooed away by Joan, a young woman making a fruit bowl for breakfast. She grabbed s...
A Murder
a year ago
There was a murder on campus; a murder of crows that is. In this specific murder or group, there were six crows. They could be found anywhere altogether, perched in the same order. It was easy to pinp...
The Welcoming
a year ago
"One tree, two tree, three tree, four. Five tree, six tree, seven tree more," sang Ashley as she sat in the passenger seat, watching trees pass by her window. Her husband, Brad, drove the car down the...