Eugenia Moreno

I love writing fiction stories, especially thrillers and fiction. Hope you guys like my stories!

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Neighbours (Chapter 8)
5 months ago
8 AM I have decided to skip work today. My boss hates me. I was going to get fired anyway. And, who cares? Roy can pay for my unemployed desires, lustful gifts that I could otherwise afford if I had a...
Neighbours (Part 7)
6 months ago
1AM I can't sleep. It's as if the thought of him is ingrained so deep in my mind I cannot duck my head out, and it consumes me, yet it's still comforting somehow. I wonder when he's going to come. I h...
Neighbours (Part 6)
7 months ago
7 AM I wake up feeling an overwhelming sense of dread, which I cannot escape and I'm rather exacerbated by the fact that I have to go to work just like any other mundane person must. Why is it an obli...
Neighbours (Part 5)
7 months ago
8 PM I have been sitting contemplating my filled cup of coffee for the past hour. A dilemma has decided to surface inside my head, just as a sunrise would, only that these thoughts are uninvited and s...
Neighbours (Part 4)
9 months ago
6PM I've been laying on my bed, fiddling with my hair for the past hour, with the words 'human meat' still imprinted in my brain. Could that be the real reason for her distress, or is it quite simply ...
Neighbours (Part 3)
9 months ago
7 PM I sit there mortified, afraid that he may have seen me watching his every move. He may come after me. However, despite his crime, I still do not reject him entirely and I feel dreadful about it. ...