George Herman

Call me a nerd, that’s what I am: Star Wars fanatic, Grand Theft Auto champion, comic book connoisseur, and a long-time lyricist. So, call me a nerd, but that’s not all I am!

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The 10 Best Slasher Video Games You Can Get in 2018
8 months ago
When it comes to slasher games, there are two basic schools of thought: they're the best video games in the history of video games, or, for lack of a better term, they absolutely stink on ice (sorry f...
Best Horror Movie Cosplays
2 years ago
We all love seeing a good cosplay now and then, but the really good ones should make the movie feel realistic. As if, for some odd reason, that zombie has come to life. Cosplay does this for every fan...
Best Independent Slasher Films to Watch Right Now
2 years ago
Though they may not always have the best of ratings, a good indie flick now and then always seems to recapture the essence of both storytelling and wild creative freedom. And when it comes to an indiv...
Most Underrated Horror Movies of All Time
2 years ago
If you're a fan of horror, you'll know there's a plethora of content still waiting to send shivers of fear down your spine. Unfortunately, sifting through all of these titles can be scarier than viewi...