Henry Sheperd

Just a simple dude wishing to love and be loved. 

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The Ending Days
5 months ago
1. "Wait." Cindy grabbed my hand. I remember the school bell has just rung. It was summer again with a mixture of heat and sweat so thick in the air it was nearly palpable. "Can we talk?" I tell her s...
5 months ago
1. I tried catching up to him. He pushed further, trying to lose me in the distance. "Marco, please..." He turns around to tell me to go away but I don't listen. I knew he wanted something. "I can't j...
5 months ago
1. Rose was drunk and walking alone late at night. She had lost her car keys and her phone was dead. "What am I going to do now?" Rose bent down to pick up a half-smoked cigarette when she heard it, a...
Beating Transgressions
5 months ago
1. Jennifer was late for the party. She fumbled to find her car keys in the mess that was her overnight bag. It was filled with used tissues and empty vodka bottles bought from the cheap liquor store ...
Christie's Story
5 months ago
8. She sits upright in bed. Beaded in sweat from her clear formed brow to her twat. She had a nightmare and she knew why. She looks over to her right, and there he is, the reason she's been losing sle...
5 months ago
4. "How'd it go?" She shifted in her seat as if the question made her uncomfortable. I waited patiently for her answer. "It was... It was very informal. He got up to say goodbye to me but he didn't......