Israel Petty

I'm an entrepreneur and paranormal author/investigator. I currently have a book that is being edited, and I intend on releasing some material occasionally for everyone to read. Hope to get to know you guys.

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Do You Believe Your Interpretation Of Hell Is Accurate? Think Again
2 months ago
Let's try to simplify the definition. The hell that we think about today is a mixture of confusion, bad translations, and Greek Mythology. Let's start by breaking down the mistranslation. There are fo...
Demons: What Are They?
2 months ago
I wanted to add this, and I feel the best place to do that is here, before showing the various theories. The study of demons like I have been doing is referred to as Demonology. Now, as intimidating a...
My First Paranormal Experience
2 months ago
My first paranormal experience impacted me in ways I wouldn’t realize until years later. Several years ago, four friends and I went to the local McDonalds. My friends were all either pagan or atheist....