Israel Petty

I'm an entrepreneur and paranormal author/investigator. I currently have a book that is being edited, and I intend on releasing some material occasionally for everyone to read. Hope to get to know you guys.

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The Pentacle Versus the Pentagram and Why You Should Never Use Both
5 months ago
I've been giving this particular topic a lot of thought. After all I'm not involved with the Pagan community, so I asked myself several times, "Is there something new I can bring to the table?" But in...
My Wife Saved Me from an Unclean Spirit, and I Still Can't Believe How She Did It
6 months ago
Let’s start by me explaining the background of my relationship with my wife. Her name is Samantha. When we first got together, she was getting into Shamanism while I still had my rocky relationship wi...
Truth About Halloween and Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Celebrate It
6 months ago
It goes without saying that there's a very heavy stigma attached to Halloween. With the holiday closing in, I feel it's important to share what I know with you: The truth. Although Halloween had Pagan...
My Wife Was a Ghost Whisperer and Her Story Is Amazing, Yet Terrifying
7 months ago
My wife to this day can communicate with the dead. As a child, her abilities were stronger than ever. This is her story. Before getting started, we shut off most of the lights to set the mood. The hou...
Do You Believe Your Interpretation Of Hell Is Accurate? Think Again
10 months ago
Let's try to simplify the definition. The hell that we think about today is a mixture of confusion, bad translations, and Greek Mythology. Let's start by breaking down the mistranslation. There are fo...
Demons: What Are They?
10 months ago
I wanted to add this, and I feel the best place to do that is here, before showing the various theories. The study of demons like I have been doing is referred to as Demonology. Now, as intimidating a...