Jaime Heidel

I'm a freelance writer with a passion for truth, justice, and the equality way. I write about health, wellness, chronic illness, and trauma. I'm also publishing my horror novel chapter by chapter on here. 

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'The Echo' - Chapter 17
6 days ago
The Echo - Chapter 16 Start from the beginning!: The Echo - Chapter 1 When the morning sun filtered in through the window, Kimberly awoke to find Lynn wrapped in her arms. She smiled and brushed the h...
Molly, Molly
11 days ago
Geraldine Farmer stared out the window over the kitchen sink, hands clutching a dishtowel. The thunderclap came again, followed by a streak of lightning. She startled and backed away, well-worn slippe...
'The Echo' - Chapter 16
14 days ago
The Echo - Chapter 15 “No, he didn’t come home until after two last night,” Kimberly sighed into the phone. “He apologized this morning and he says he wants to talk when he gets home but…I don’t know....
23 days ago
Jenna Ross dipped a manicured toenail into her bathwater. Noting the water was hot but not scalding, she sunk her leg all the way in, allowing her body to follow. Reaching for the bottle of wine she’d...
'The Echo' - Chapter 15
a month ago
The Echo - Chapter 14 TRIGGER WARNING: Sexual abuse and suicide mention --- “Gary was putting on a Band-Aid,” Kimberly said. “Lynn was on the tire swing in a skirt and got a cut on her inner thigh. Th...
'The Echo' - Chapter 14
a month ago
The Echo - Chapter 13 “So, where is the Norman Rockwell family today?” Paul asked as he took a bite of grilled chicken. Kimberly chuckled at her brother's reference to Debra and her family. “They're a...