Jaime Heidel

I'm a freelance writer with a passion for truth, justice, and the equality way. I write about health, wellness, chronic illness, and trauma. I'm also publishing my horror novel chapter by chapter on here. 

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'The Echo' - Chapter 24
a month ago
The Echo - Chapter 23 Kimberly’s eyes snapped open, and she was instantly alert. What was that noise? She turned onto her side, and stared at the opened door. Grabbing her glasses off the nightstand, ...
'The Echo'—Chapter 23
2 months ago
The Echo—Chapter 22 “She’s not feeling well at all,” Cheryl told her. “That’s why I figured we’d bring her back home instead of taking her out with us for dinner. She keeps nodding off, the poor thing...
'The Echo' - Chapter 22
3 months ago
The Echo - Chapter 21 Kimberly’s cell phone rang while she was on the interstate, heading home. She had too much on her mind. She’d been trying to figure out what to make for dinner, wondering how her...
'The Echo' - Chapter 21
4 months ago
The Echo - Chapter 20 “Mommy, look!” Lynn pointed, squealing with delight. “Goats!” Lynn and Kimberly were walking around the fairgrounds in Cumberland, Maine. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day. Ther...
'The Echo' - Chapter 20
4 months ago
The Echo - Chapter 19 “Wow,” Debra breathed, her fingers flying across the keys of her tablet. “Did he actually see the bottle flying toward him?” Kimberly nodded. “He saw the bottle flying toward him...
'The Echo' - Chapter 19
5 months ago
The Echo - Chapter 18 The room tilted, and Kimberly had to clutch the wall to keep from falling. Something like an electrical jolt shot up her spine, causing a cool sweat to form on her back and under...