Jaime Heidel

I'm a freelance writer with a passion for truth, justice, and the equality way. I write about health, wellness, chronic illness, and trauma. I'm also publishing my horror novel chapter by chapter on here. 

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'The Echo' (Chapter 4)
8 months ago
The Echo - Chapter 3 “What’s this?” Gary called from the living room. “What, honey?” Kimberly called back as she wrapped up the remaining lasagna. “This,” Gary said, turning the corner. He held up the...
'The Echo' (Chapter 3)
8 months ago
Missed the first two chapters? Catch up first! The Echo - Chapter 1 The Echo - Chapter 2 “And that’s when I found this,” Kimberly said, handing Paul the piece of construction paper she’d found under L...
The Smile
8 months ago
Nicole flew down the long hallway, high heels clicking against linoleum. “Wait!” she called, waving her free hand. “Wait! Hold the elevator!” Too late. The doors slid shut. Damn! Stopping to catch her...
'The Echo' (Chapter 2)
9 months ago
(Wait! Read Chapter 1 first. You'll be less confused.) “What do you mean, not human?” Cheryl Pratt, Kimberly's sister-in-law and best friend, was sitting across from her at the kitchen table. They wer...
'The Echo' (Chapter 1)
9 months ago
At first, Kimberly Sumner thought it was the thunder that had awakened her. Her eyes fluttered open and she listened. The steady ‘chirp’ of crickets and the distant rumbling of thunder were the only s...