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Next Stop, the Twilight Zone! 13 Horror Movie Gems for a Child-Friendly Halloween
9 months ago
Halloween is neigh. Cue the pumpkins, candy, good ol’ horror classics and Disney’s roster of family-friendly Halloween movies, because nothing can beat a good fright on Halloween night. A lot of horro...
5 Couple-Centered Horror Movies That Will Make You Glad to Be Single This Valentine's Day
9 months ago
Warning: This article contains mild spoilers for our ghoulish Valentine's Day horror movie picks. Read on — if you dare! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner — y'know, that time of the year where...
Planning on Having Some Fun This Easter Weekend? Watch out for Ferocious Demon Babies!
9 months ago
When I was a kid, we were always advised not to go out during Holy Week (as a form of penance). So when we stayed at home, aside from Biblical movies on television, there are also horror movies that d...
9 Reasons You'd Be Accused of Witchcraft in the 17th Century
9 months ago
If my ancestors had settled in a predominantly Christian/Puritan area in the late 16th century — and in the Western side of the world — I'd probably never have been born. Because they were mostly heal...
Victor Frankenstein: Trailer Breakdown!
9 months ago
It's alive! Finally, after a dreadfully long wait, the trailer for the much-anticipated Victor Frankenstein is released today (August 18th)! (2 pm UK Time). The trailer for Victor Frankenstein is exac...
Victor Frankenstein's Monster Comes Alive in This Stunning Poster Created by Ciara McAvoy!
9 months ago
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of Hollywood's celebrated Scottish poster artists. Ciara McAvoy is known for her detailed work of oil in canvas, and has won numerous awards fo...