Katie Burnside

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9 Everyday Objects That Made Surprisingly Good Horror Weapons
a year ago
Horror writers have this interesting technique where they manage to use things we wouldn't usually think of to murder their characters. Horror films have shown murders by umbrellas, flags, and even sl...
Weapon of Choice: These Are the Most Outrageous, Original Weapons In Horror Films
a year ago
What is the best part of a horror movie? The villains? The gore? Death counts? For me, one of the most exciting aspects of a cinematic slaughter fest is the inventive weapons.
5 Female Directors Who Paved the Way for More Diversity in the Horror Genre
a year ago
There are so many aspects of a horror film, but what makes it a success? Without a director who knows their story and what they want to create, it's going to be a disaster. With new female directors b...